Only 23 TSP Limited Swiss Army Trekkers Left

Sometimes when a company says something is a limited edition they don’t really mean it, well in the case of the 2010 TSP Swiss Army Trekkers we certainly do.   I just spoke to Tiffany Rockwell from the gear shop and she stated that we have sold 127 Trekkers and that she was going to go ahead and just order 140 and close orders when we hit that number.   I told her to make it an even 150 and go ahead and she has agreed.

That means there are 27 left, we expect to have them out in time for the Holidays.  Our order is being placed right now and again for only 150 of these awesome knifes.  If you want one get it now because when they are gone, they are gone for good. I can tell you they will be sold out by the end of the week.

For a full review on the Trekkers see my post about them here.

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One Response to Only 23 TSP Limited Swiss Army Trekkers Left

  1. Get one. I ordered mine.
    As one who has carried a Swiss Army knife for 40 years (different kinds) I can testify there is no better pocket/belt tool for The Generalist.

    Need a new hole in your belt? The Swiss!
    Opening product packages? The Swiss!
    Can opener? The Swiss!
    Screwdrivers: 3!
    No corkscrew on the Trekker but as we all know, the knife blade in experienced hands will pull that cork.