Old Grouch’s Military Surplus now offers 10% Off to MSB Members

MSB Members Now Get 10% off with Old Grouch!

MSB Members Now Get 10% off with Old Grouch!

Tim Glance has done a few episodes of the show as a guest and serves as a member of the TSP Expert Council.  He is also of course one of the owners of Old Grouch’s Military Surplus.

He has decided to step up and support the Survival Podcast Member’s Brigade with a great discount of 10% on all purchases.  I think this is a great discount from a great supplier and am happy to add him to our outstanding list of MSB Discount Vendors.

The Old Grouch’s Military Surplus is a traditional old fashioned military surplus dealer- chock full of real military surplus, not a bunch of cheap copies. Military surplus is a great way to get your gear on a budget- it is durable, cheap, and functional and often sells for less than what imports sell for. Tim and his crew are always looking to bring you the best deals in military surplus from the USA and other countries.

Be sure to check his site often because in the surplus world inventory changes quickly and he has new stuff every week and, because of how surplus works, stuff runs out every week. See what they have at www.oldgrouch.com and to get a 10% discount on every purchase just visit the members only area of your MSB account.  The discount code is on the “benefits” page of the MSB like all the other discount codes.

This is just another example of what makes the Members Brigade such a great deal.  If you want to learn more about joining the MSB just click here.

3 Responses to Old Grouch’s Military Surplus now offers 10% Off to MSB Members

  1. If this had gone up one week earlier.. my savings would have paid for my yearly TSP membership!


  2. Try reaching out to Mr. Glance via email and asking if he would apply the discount. He did for me, though I suspect I might have ordered more recently than you did.

    Big kudos to Mr Glance for doing so, it was not expected but I figured it was worth a try and he came through. Rest assured I’ll be back as a customer.

  3. Has anyone seen or used the Faraday box from Old Grouches? Any idea if you think it would work as a Faraday Cage?

    Military Aluminum Electronics Storage Box / Faraday Box