Great Deal from Old Grouch on Military Penetrating Chest Injury Kit With Bolin Chest Seals

Get a Great Deal on Military Penetrating Chest Injury Kit With Bolin Chest Seal

Get a Great Deal on Military Penetrating Chest Injury Kit With Bolin Chest Seal

I am posting this on behalf of Tim Glance of Old Grouch’s Military Surplus and the TSP expert council.  He has stumbled onto a great opportunity that he has passed on to you guys.

I was offered a dollar a unit in commission but talked to Tim and simply got that dollar a unit off for you guys instead.  This offer is for everyone in TSP not just the MSB.

I am picking up a few of these myself, it is the best deal I have ever seen on this item or anything close to the equivalent.  This is a lifesaving tool that is absent in many preppers kits, even many with really well thought out medical kits.

~ Jack

Hey this is Tim from Old Grouch’s Military Surplus, I contacted Jack about a great deal I have for TSPrs and he was good enough to give me the blog as a platform to let you know about it. Here is the deal- I managed to get a great deal on a number of H&H Associates Penetrating Chest Injury kits. These current military issue kits were designed to treat a sucking chest wound from a gunshot or stab wound, and have a Bolin Chest Seal along with a plain wound seal in a durable vacuum sealed pack. 

 For those who are familiar with these, I will put the bottom line up front, if you want to learn more about these read below after you see the details on the deal. The MSRP on these kits if $39.95. Normal price runs around $33 at most places. I have these on my website at $22.95, but I am able to offer these at a special deal for TSP listeners for $13.95. Use coupon code TSP01 to get this discount. (Discount cannot be applied with any other discounts)

 The Bolin Chest Seal is one of the most advanced and reliable treatment for a sucking chest wound on the market. Sucking chest wounds require an emergency first aid solution that is fast, direct, and effective. The Bolin Chest Seal is a sterile occlusive chest wound dressing for treating open pneumothorax and preventing tension pneumothorax that result from gunshots, stab wounds, or other penetrating chest trauma. The patented failure-proof triple-valve design of the Bolin Chest Seal allows air and blood to escape while preventing the re-entry of either, thereby eliminating any unwanted gas or liquid exchange at the trauma site.

 The large (6” diameter), rugged polyurethane disc structure of the Bolin Chest Seal can cover practically any size chest trauma site. The thickness of the disc prevents any disc wrinkling from occurring during application. In addition, the wound side of the disc is covered with a thick layer of jell-based adhesive, strong enough to not only seal over hair and blood but also flexible enough to be removed and reapplied to the trauma site if required. 

 The H&H Penetrating Chest Injury Kit pairs a Bolin Chest Seal with an H&H clear Wound Seal that is used to seal an exit wound, offering a quick and effective way to treat penetrating chest injuries. Every first aid kit needs one of these!

17 Responses to Great Deal from Old Grouch on Military Penetrating Chest Injury Kit With Bolin Chest Seals

  1. Glad I was at home today. Usually when there is something special and cool available from old grouch it is sold out by the time I get home. Got one for each BOB. One for home and one for the BOL.

  2. These things are money. We used them in Iraq and Afghanistan. Penetrating chest wounds are more likely in homesteading environments than you may realize. I would highly recommend people take advantage of this offer. Then learn how to use them (easy easy) and have them nearby when you are out and about working, hunting, in the car, wherever.

  3. Great deal. Picked up a few. Thank you Jack and Tim.

  4. I just bought 3. A great addition to the first aid kit in each vehicle and the house kit. I bought the redcross standard family kit at, added a variety of red, white and green mil grade light sticks, mil grade tourniquet and a package of quikclot to each one. This will be a nice extra bit of insurance. I may not ever and hope to never need the extra items in my kits but it’s really cheap insurance if you ever have a need for them.

  5. Thanks for the discount Tim, great deal.

  6. Make sure to hit the facebook Like button to share oldgrouch’s site with you friends.

  7. Just ordered two of these, an absolute must have!

  8. Being in the medical field these are a must have…and not for extreme cases of gunshot wounds. We in occupational therapy see crazy wounds all the time from falls, especially from the elderly! Good thing to have, especially with the hard outside work we do to be self-sufficent!

  9. just picked up two of them! deal is still on people.

  10. About 1/2 gone as of right now.

  11. Tim and Jack-

    Thanks for the buying opportunity!

  12. About 150 of them left guys and gals…

  13. Just ordered 3. Thanks Tim!

  14. Thanks Jack, you’re the best!

  15. Hey, Tim. I ordered 4 of these kits…plus some other stuff Feb 16th.

    Do you know when they will ship? I have not heard anything and no response to my emails.

    Order Number:

    order total:
    Total $164.89

    Please advise!

    I love your episodes and support for this community.


    • Our apologies Thomas, that order was set aside because a few items were out of stock and we overlooked it. Got it out minus a few manuals that were still out today.