Off to Arkansas – There Will be Shows but no Tech Support Until Monday

In about an hour and a half the wife and I will be loading up the tuck for a few days up at the bug out location.  We are going to shoot some photography for the new ebook, Mastering the 22 Rifle and not a whole lot more then that other then just relaxing and recharging.  We are bugging out earlier than planned to beat tonight’s snow and ice expected up in the area.

There WILL BE SHOWS tomorrow and Friday.  They have been pre recorded and all set to go and automated technology will take care of the rest.

Tomorrow is an interview with Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture and Friday is our first official “Call In Friday”, Friday’s show will be responses to a bunch of calls in to our hotline at 866-65-THINK.

One thing to be aware of is I will have limited access to email while we are away.  I have my AT&T data stick but it doesn’t work that well up in the BOL.  Hence any tech support will be delayed until our return on Sunday.  This generally mostly effects MSB members with login issues.  Rest assured I will be back and answering all email and requests no later then Monday.

So you may be a little lacking in support for the next few days but you will have shows for the rest of the week.  Additionally I have a crack programmer redoing the MSB and those occasional log in issues will soon be a thing of the past.  Everything is ready to go with the upgrade but given how upgrades go from time to time I don’t want to pull the trigger until I get back.

Until I return, keep on living that better life,

~ Jack

One Response to Off to Arkansas – There Will be Shows but no Tech Support Until Monday

  1. Reminds me of years back when we had a pumpkin plant make a detour to a tree and we soon had a “pumpkin tree”. It was a very happy plant.