Now Show for 9-12-13

We had some special guests last night and were up late working and later having fun.  They stayed the night and just finally left.  Due to this and an unexpected business meeting that just popped up I won’t be producing a show today.

Of course there are over 1200 episodes of TSP on demand at all times.  So if you are wanting your TSP fix today, just try Listening to a Random Episode yep just click that link and you will be taken to a random post on the blog, most posts of course are episodes.

You can always use this function, if you look the right in the center column right above  the Gear Shop Logo you will see Listen to a Random Episode so if you don’t get one that peaks your interest just click it again.

TSP will return tomorrow with a great call in show and an awesome announcement of our newest member of the expert council.  I won’t tell you who he is yet, but here is a clue, he is a close personal friend of mine and has his company logo tattooed on his chest.  From that many of you know exactly who it is, the rest of you will have to wait unless someone tells you in the comments of course.

35 Responses to Now Show for 9-12-13

  1. Bryan from ITS tactical?

  2. Also, could you fix the random button to only grab from the podcast category? About 1/3 of the time it grabs a random blog post.

    • Modern Survival

      I tried that it didn’t work. I am not sure why?

      As for your guess, maybe, LOL.

      • Some of the older posts are filed under podcasts, I guess that’s why. Hey give me admin access and I’ll go through and change them to blogs? I use the crap out of that random function 🙂

  3. You know I heard Glenn Tate was in Texas…??

  4. Have a good rest.

  5. I hope you got a mini podcast out of Glenn Tate. LOL

  6. Hey I sent in a banner for the 13 skills contest, not sure if you got it or not. The first time I sent it, it failed.

  7. thewarriorhunter

    so some guy is running around with ‘299’ tattooed on his chest? 😉

  8. Tomorrows episode: Glenn Tate on “beard purchasing”!

  9. Bryan because his logos so bad ass that I almost got it as a tattoo. Lol

  10. I am enjoying your podcast. Thanks for the information. If I can make one small request and that is to be mindful of the ages of your listeners. I’d like to have my older children listen in as well but due to some of the language used, I cannot in good conscience do so.

    Again, superb stuff. Keep ’em coming.

  11. Hey, it’s your show. Do what you feel is best, of course.

    • Modern Survival

      Please do read it, just so I am understood, I understand your concerns but it isn’t my job to determine what your kids do and don’t hear. Many listeners do let quite young children listen, none seem to have been adversely effected by it.

  12. Thanks. I have read it. No worries.

    • Modern Survival

      One thing, I need to amend, it says I might use the F bomb, I have done so 4 times in the heat of the moment, and removed it all 4 times, I should take out that part. I don’t use that word on the air. Shit and ass really are about the only two cuss words I use but I do use them in combination like ass hole. Frankly I just don’t consider either of them bad words. Just so you know though if I was in your home, or your children were in mine, they would not be used.

  13. I can appreciate that, however, in a sense whenever your podcast is played you are in effect in my home. But hey, it’s your show. No worries.

    • Modern Survival

      No brother, when you choose to play my show, you sir have been welcomed into my home, who you bring with you or don’t bring with you is on you.

  14. Granted it is my choice to have you here but when I do, you are still here.

  15. UHG! I can’t find my Kindle charger, I need my 299 Days fix. This is as bad as caffeine withdrawals.

  16. Two great shows yesterday, Jack!

    (these are what I got from the randomizer)

    Episode-634- Container Gardening for the Modern Survivalist

    Episode-781- Fernando FerFAL Aguirre on Surviving an Economic Collapse

    When can you have FerFAL back on?

    • Container Gardens! Got me thinking it’s time to build the self watering container from the show notes. Doesn’t look too hard and I think I have everything I need right here.

  17. Is anyone else having the issue with the download button on their android phones. It keeps streaming rather then downloading which sucks since half of my hour commute has no data connection and I like to listen to jack on the way into the hell hole and rock out to AC/DC on the way home. Damn gravel trucks are trying to kill me. ; )