Normalcy Has Sort of Returned

The move to a private server seems to have gone okay, I did wake up to a continuing nightmare at 7 am after being on the phone with the host until 2am so I was as you might imagine not a happy camper.   There may be a glitch or two in the next few hours as the new name servers propagate across the net.

As for the suggestions for “redundancy” that already exists.  TSP is actually hosted on three different servers, this is why you will notice different domains such as and  but the podcast system must point to a single location, I can change it which is how I was able to make new shows available during the down time last night.  It is also why even though the podcast would not download the blog here was up, the forum was up, the members brigade was up, the only down time we experienced in all of this was the ability for the audio files to be downloaded.

I am really not happy with how Host Gator handled this so far, I have requested that a higher up contact me to make the issue right, I will let you know what they do to make that happen or fail to do so you can make your own decisions going forward if you have any hosting needs.

To those who have suggested that this action is some sort of “conspiracy” against prepper type sites due to what occurred with SSHomestead (Johnny Max and The Queen) wad up your foil hat and throw the sucker away.  Johnny was using a totally different host.  He contacted me about his issues and asked me to recommend a host.  I actually suggested he talk to HostGator, because the have been stellar up till last night.  Johnny however is seeking a lower cost solution from what I understand using torrents.

I am committed to providing to quality to all of you, that is why I was happy to upgrade the service with the existing host.  My real issues with them have been

1.  Blocked the audio files with ZERO prior warning on a Friday night at 7:20 PM

2.  I was promised by IM Chat the account would be upgraded before the night ended at about 8:00 PM, I ended up on the phone to 4 different people to get it to actually happen and didn’t get to bed until 2:00 AM

3.  They sent me a very confusing email after the move about how to browse the new site when a URL with an ip would have actually made it easy to do.  I still do not understand this email and would expect most normal customers wouldn’t either.

My overall rating so far, bad and good.  While they totally screwed me I have to say they dealt pretty good with me as I was pretty damn angry and got progressively angrier as the night went on.  They also did answer the phone, did make the problem a priority, etc.  They remind me of mildly competent government, as they were reasonably good at fixing a problem they themselves created.

That said all I have requested is that someone with some authority at HostGator contact me and assure me that this will not happen again, that if I approach any type of threshold that their sales people do their jobs and simply contact me with something along the lines of “Dear VALUED Customer, your account is approaching a threshold, please consider upgrading your service with us”.

I will let you know what happens,


14 Responses to Normalcy Has Sort of Returned

  1. I have to say, except for a billing snafu a couple of years ago, I have been very happy with my webhosting company (Dreamhost). I’ve never gone over the limit. But, they also make it clear that if I did, they would just bill me and not cut me off.

  2. While I haven’t personally used them, I’ve heard that functions in a way that even if you have a huge traffic spike their servers don’t shut you off, you just get bumped to the next usage level. They are a sponsor for another podcast that I listen to and highly respect.

  3. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for all the hard work you do to produce such a great product. We\’re TSP members and we\’re so happy to support you and the show, we joined a few months ago and you can bet we\’ll renew next year. Sorry you had such a crappy night dealing with this problem. Your commitment to your listeners is awesome.

  4. You probably don’t hear it enough, Thank you. Once again, you have shown that you care about your listeners(family). huah

  5. Thanks for the update Jack.
    We all appreciate all your efforts to keep us informed – not only with your problems with your hosting site, but preparedness as well.

    We\’ll hang in there as long as you will. ;^p

  6. I’ve been in the telephone business for 31 years and have customers want me to assure them “it” will never happen again. I don’t give them that guarantee, as I’ve learned over the years that stuff will break, and people will screw up, and there’s not much you can do about it, except to try and get the customer’s service restored as quickly as possible. I would hope you’ll ask for a service credit, since it was all their fault.

    Take care and thanks for working so hard for all of us.

  7. Jack,
    I feel your pain. There\’s nothing worse than when a host dicks with your site without telling you. What\’s worse is to move your op to another host is a huge pain in the ass. I\’ve had the same thing happen to me. Good luck, I hope they didn\’t screw you over too much with the move to the private server. At least you don\’t have to share sessions with other websites now…

  8. Actually the zero notification thing seems to be a common problem. I ran into a similar situation with the church website I am managing. I asked for notification as well, but have received no response. However, I do no know to keep an eye on things so I can act ahead of time to prevent interruptions. Not a great solution, but it works

  9. This isn’t a solution, but have you looked into adding bittorrent downloads for the podcast? This might cut your bandwidth usage a bit (or at least slow down the rate of increase). Maybe it would delay your next upgrade.

  10. Glad you got it fixed, I am sorry that you had to go so far to fix it. I liked the “squash and toss” comment. Go Forth Do well, Do better and when you can cherish the victories, spend time with those who matter and thanks again for all that you do.

  11. Serenity Gulch

    Thank you for all your time in getting this issue resolved. A lesser man would have just said “screw it, I’ll deal with it on Monday”. I hope your weekend wasn’t too much of a waste.

  12. Jack,

    Thanks for all your efforts. We have truly learned a lot from your podcasts. Sorry to hear about your troubles. You might try Amazon’s S3 service to host your audio files. They have not let us down. This is what we do for a living and if you wish for us to show you how to accomplish this we would be happy to do so. Our counsel is always free and we are in the DFW metroplex.

    Press on…

  13. I had a blog hacked and exposed. Never set file permissions to 777. I use Blue Host, but have never reached the “unlimited” amount, but I expect in the next couple years to Website will be making more than the trickle up, .02 to 28.47 per day, ad revenue – however consistent. It pays to leave comments on high traffic sites like .

  14. blue host has been great for me.