No TSP Today — 9 Comments

  1. Git R’ Done! I really enjoyed the Raised Bed video and am already looking forward to more videos. Have a safe trip to P/E.

    • In my opinion, way too close into the enemy’s breach. Virginia, other than south-western virginia has already been taken over. North Carolina even has been taken over as well. I do miss my old stomping grounds though. When I went to Ben Falk’s PDC I definitely felt like a paratrooper being dropped way behind enemy lines. Met some great folks up there to include many who hadn’t interacted with many of us Southerners.

      Its nice and warm down here in Southern Louisiana. I have always thought about getting a cabin in West-Virginia though….

  2. It’s fine- been a bit busy myself, and getting a little behind with listening to them anyway- a good opportunity to catch up a little. 😀