No Show Today – Getting Ready for the Workshop

We are running our first workshop this week and are really jammed up with last minute preps for it.  We are picking up the machine Wednesday and I will be working all day getting rid of the existing garden beds so we have a clean slate when students arrive.

There will also be no show on Friday this week.  But we will have two great interviews this week.  One will be with a young listener who is 18 years of age and  has been into the prepper movement for a few years already on prepping from a teen’s point of view.

There other will be with Chris Stelzer on grazing and grazing management.  Chris has actually interned with noteworthy folks like Greg Judy and a few others.  His interview ran 90 minutes, I would play it today but he asked that I hold off on it until Thursday while he cleans up some issues on his website.

I am sorry for the interruption in programming but I have added a cool feature to the site to help you pick a “blast from the past”.  You can now easily Listen to a Random Episode.   When you click that phrase in the center column just to your right just above the TSP Gear Shop Logo.  Try it and enjoy an old episode.

If there is graphics artist out there that wants to put together a cool image with the Text Listen to a Random Episode on it, send it over.  If I use your image I will give your site and business a recommendation to others.

7 Responses to No Show Today – Getting Ready for the Workshop

  1. Love the randomizer. I’ve been on a TSP classic binge lately. That will help.

  2. I like it. I came across an episode from 2009, and said screw it, I’m going to check out the first 6 to see where this all spawned from. Very interesting to see how far things have come.

  3. Really looking forward to this weekend. I’ll be out Thursday night after work ready to go early Friday morning. Putting my list together and packing up. It’s getting difficult to concentrate at work now.

  4. Can’t wait for some videos. I know you’ll be busy but a few little snippets of the class and get togethers , etc,. would be great. Hope everything goes smoothly and everyone has a great time!

  5. I totally am taking credit for the random episode generator. I suggested it to Jack many months ago.

    *pats self on back*

  6. Can’t say that I’m not disappointed that the workshop impeded on the show.

  7. Can’t wait to hear how the weekend workshop went. Also can’t wait to hear the next show. You don’t realize how much you look forward to something until its gone. The TSP is my daily way of unplugging from the current state of society and building hope that we can ALL live a better way.
    So happy that this community is working towards a more productive US of A.
    A special thanks to all that qualify for Jack’s MSB discount as well!