No Show Today but Huge a Announcement Tomorrow

We are still in the Northeast and won’t fly out until late this afternoon.Β  Josiah, I and some other undisclosed parties had an amazing 4 days, we have a few things to wrap up but PermaEthos is about to become a reality.

Tomorrow I won’t be giving 100% of the details but I will give you more than I ever have before.Β  Additionally I will start to tell you ways you can help us make PermaEthos a reality and how what started as a dream is becoming a new way to farm and build community in America.

50 Responses to No Show Today but Huge a Announcement Tomorrow

  1. beancountersd

    Can’t wait to hear about it. Travel safe.

  2. Mike from NH

    The northeast you say? Well now I’m officially excited.

  3. Can’t wait!
    Excited you may be closer to my neck of the woods.

  4. I predict NY Hudson Valley.

    • Modern Survival

      Nope we were talking about never doing a state on the WTF naughty list. NY is solid on that list! Sad though great climate, you guys outside the five boroughs need to secede.

  5. Dave Levin, Sr.

    Can’t wait!

  6. Western NY has been excited since the 2nd Guerrilla episode!

  7. Chris De Joe

    Good for you.

    I miss the survival podcast. It has been weeks since we got a full week of episodes.

  8. If you’re anywhere near ‘home’ stop down to West Chester!

  9. Howdy from Montana. Are you partnering up with Xavier Hawk ? Just wanted to throw my guess out there.

  10. TSP classic it is then. πŸ™‚ Although I am starting to get Spirko withdrawals…

    On a side note I got to meet several sponsors at the Phoenix prepperfest. Jeff Gleason, Stephen Scott, and Marjory Wildcraft… one of these days we have got to get you out to Phoenix.

  11. Rock on! Keep up the good work!

  12. I am very excited about PermaEthos. I have land (160 acres) that, if PermaEthos works out and is attractive, I would consider joining sooner than later.

  13. Time to start thinking about more in different regions, no? Lucky northeast.

  14. Excited to hear the news!! Being a native northeastern I am sure you are talking an area closer to Ben Falks places rather than where I am in New Jersey. Looking forward to getting all the details tomorrow!

  15. Michael Thorpe

    I hope this doesn’t mean the TSP will be reduced to a weekly show instead of Monday thru Friday. Sadness will descend.

    • Modern Survival

      Not at all just creating a brand new company takes effort.

    • I can’t see a daily show going on for much longer, there is only 24 hrs in a day and Jack has an incredible amount on his plate, lest he subs out the show to a few host guests. With PermaEthos, his property, the incredible work needed to assemble a show, I just think he has to patent that time machine thing that allows him to pull all this off.

  16. I too would like to collaborate with PermaEthos. I have 10 acres and would like to develop it along the lines you have stated for PermaEthos, except I’ll be the one living there and not leaving after it is up and running πŸ™‚

    Seriously I think having additional sites following along with what you are doing that you don’t have to pay for would help the whole thing move faster.

  17. I am very interested in the PermaEthos concept. It sounds fantastic. I am trying to convince a family member to consider using this model for their property in North Georgia.

    This could really have a huge impact on our society.

  18. Let’s see, north east…and I think Ben Falk mentioned he had some acreage to develop. Maybe a connection ?
    Either way I am excited to hear things are moving along with PE. I hope being in the northeast will be a good thing, many of us are trying to get out of here!
    Would be nice to get a notification that Jack is hanging out at a local brewhouse, would be great for us NE TSP’ers to go a spontaneous get together. Road trip anyone?

  19. What is a perma ethos? Is it a self sustaining community? And how far north and how far east? Isn’t that really cold country? I’m considering northern California or central or southern Oregon. Any opinions? feel free to email.

  20. Thank goodness you kept slacking another day! πŸ™‚ I’m literally just finishing guerillacast #2 and was trying to burn through to be ready for today’s episode. Whew… now I can relisten to it – good stuff.

    Thanks for your work and looking forward to the news!

  21. im guessing Pennsylvania, jacks going back to his roots

  22. That is GREAT news Jack !!
    I can not wait to hear what is going to happen.


  23. So.. anyone here work for the NSA and want to tell us where Jack is?


    My guess.. NH (Free State Project tie in).

  24. Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye.

  25. Can only be two places Virginia and West Virginia. Can’t be Pennsylvania because it was #15 in the disapproval list at Walking to Freedom (WTF), Delaware was #12, and RI, MA, NY, CT, and NJ are all on the Naughty list. Can’t be NH because it’s closer to Ben Faulk in Vermont (next door neighbor) geographically that Dave in New Jersey. Since Misty Taste of Moonshine.Tear Drop in my Eye. Country Roads Take me Home to the Place I belong. WEST VIRGINA, Mountain Momma!

    West Virginia…winner winner chicken dinner!

  26. Godspeed by JD Hanke?

  27. If I had to pick a place, I would pick the Shenandoah Valley. Jack, if you are near there, I have a couple awesome fishing holes nearby. There’s a couple spots at White Sulfer Springs and Cranberry Glades in WV that are heavenly.

  28. Adam Hollett

    WV. How far from Huntington? Have family there.

  29. I am assuming 38 miles NE of Charleston. Which probably means you are off I-79. I have actually been looking at land nearby in Spencer/Calhoun county. There’s a permaculture vineyard nearby. Great people. Vu je de Vineyards.

  30. Charleston the capital or Charlestown in the Eastern Panhandle?

    I still get them confused and I’ve lived here 6 years.