No Show Today but a Few Announcements

Well the weather was just far to dangerous to podcast from the car today, as much as I hate to miss doing a show but if I end up in a flood ditch or under a truck it will really impair future shows, so I took caution’s course today.  We will be back tomorrow until then I have a few announcements.

  • We have launched (prelaunched is more accurate) the TSP Gear Shop.  Right now we are taking pre-orders on shirts, patches and decals which will ship in November.   You can visit the store and pre order at
  • I have spiffed up the site with some new buttons for our social networking accounts and want to make sure everyone knows about our YouTube Channel and our Facebook and Twitter Accounts.  If you use these sites please connect with us on them.  We are really working to get as many YouTube subscribers as we can so please subscribe to our channel.
  • Dorothy and I are going up to the BOL Friday Oct. 30th  – Monday Nov. 2nd but I have at least two interviews lined up this week, so we should have a show Friday and probabally Monday as well.

Anyway sorry I couldn’t bring you a show today but we shall return tomorrow with another great episode of TSP.

7 Responses to No Show Today but a Few Announcements

  1. No show?!!

    I guess I’ll have to spend some time (and money) looking around the sponsors’ sites… 😉

    Have a safe trip!

  2. If I end up in a flood ditch or under a truck it will really impare future shows….

    LOL! Yeah, it most definitely would. Keep safe, hoss.

    Orion – you could always spend some time and money over at the TSP gear shop! 😉

  3. It would be awful not to survive the survival podcast. Be safe!

  4. Jack wrote
    “If I end up in a flood ditch or under a truck it will really impare future shows…”

    …or it could provide material for new shows too, “How to deply your EDC items when submerged” or “How being in debt is similar to being under a truck”.

    Just kidding, keep it safe, we need our Fearless Leader.

  5. Good call Jack, better safe than sorry.

    Hope to hear from you tomorrow


  6. We miss you but want you to stay alive.

  7. keep us hungry Jack! Be safe.