No Show Today and Updates for the Self Reliance Expo

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Join Me Today at the Self Reliance Expo

Just a few quick notes today.  First I am doing the Self Reliance Expo in Arlington, Texas today and tomorrow so there will be no show today.  There are over 1100 past episodes though so why not hit up the search box and tune into an old edition on a subject of your choice.

Secondly here are some updates to the Expo and the Meet and Greets.

1.  Marjory Wildcraft is going to be at the Expo today but can’t make the meet and greet, she will make the meet and greet on Saturday and will be there this afternoon.

2.  Doctor Bones of the Doom and Bloom podcast will be joining us for the meet and greet on Saturday as well to take over David Crawford’s spot since he can only be there today.

3.  I  have to go take care of something for my father-in-law today for about an hour.  So we likely won’t do a break away for lunch but we will do something this evening if you want to do that with us just hit me up at the expo today. Likely that will be about 430 before the places get too crowded.

4.  I will be in the “Speakers Lounge”, which is likely an empty booth for a few hours each day, as will Steven Harris.  I will also hang out a bit in Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy’s booth both days.  Keep an eye on TSPs Twitter and Facebook for announcements on the fly about that.

5.  Again yes I do have a rough version of my presentation in screen capture powerpoint.  I will make it available to the MSB and may be everyone after the expo is over, but not until then.  It has typos and a few rough spots as it was my first time doing it, but it conveys everything and has actually more info then the live one will.

6.  I am bringing the laser level to the show.  We will show it off a bit to those that want to see it.  Kind of boring in a indoor location where everything is level but it will give you an idea of how it works.  Hell may be we can even do a mini workshop outside with it.

Hope to see many of you today, again the early meet and greets are 30 minutes before the doors open.  Just be there at 1030 today or 830 on Saturday at the main entry and Ron or Scott will escort you to the meet and greet area.  Remember the best part is that everyone in that group is part of TSP, so make sure to talk to those around you and exchange info.

9 Responses to No Show Today and Updates for the Self Reliance Expo

  1. Have a great time! When I heard about this Meet N Greet, it made me want to head all the way down to Texas just to meet all of you 🙂 Maybe next time (is it always in Arlington?)

  2. As Kim said, have a good time. I hope there’s a possibility in the future for you to upload a video of your permaculture presentation (for those of us who can’t go).

  3. The New Mike

    The Ms. and I would be going but Texas and the tall part of Louisiana is just too damn far away.

    Have fun!

  4. Is there a link to the schedule of events? I know last year that there were multiple demonstrations and lectures and there was a schedule put out before hand. Does anyone know where to get such a thing?


  5. I got to say that it was an awesome experience getting to hangout with Jack, Steve, and David at the expo today. I encourage everyone that has the means to get down to the expo, to go down and hang out. Thank you Jack for everything!!!

  6. RogueLibertarian

    Jack…can you provide the manufacturer make and model of your laser level??