No Show Today

I am dealing with some issues that have arisen here at the homestead.  Nothing major but some stuff that popped up and needs attending to.  Given this is a Friday and those shows take hours to do I will need to preempt it this week.  To make up for it we will do a listener calls show Monday.

While there is no show today I do  have a few suggestions for your education and entertainment today.

First Geoff Lawton released an awesome new video today!  It is on Cell Grazing and you can see it at this link,

I wanted to point something out about Geoff’s videos, you do have to register to see them but only once.  If your cookie has expired and you end up on the front page where it asks you to sign up you don’t have to sign up a second time.  All you do is enter just your email in the email field and the system will recognize you and let you in.  This video is one of Geoff’s best yet, so give it a view if you have time on your Friday.

Next, consider using the Listen to a Random Episode feature.  You can click that link and it will pull up a random blast from the past as it were.  If you get a blog post or something vs a podcast give it another click until you find something that interests you.

I apologize very sincerely for this but some times you have to use a contingency that is what we plan for around here after all.  See you guys and gals on Monday.

11 Responses to No Show Today

  1. Permaculture voices also put up a really interesting podcast today which I listened to while waiting for the TSP call in show 🙂 Good luck jack! I’ll look forward to monday.

    • Good podcast but my skin was crawling every time he mentioned getting the USDA “grants” Something to the tune of $135,000… Talk about redistribution of wealth, even if it is for a “good cause” Yick.

    • MichiganNimrod

      Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know ‘Voices had a podcast. Some of their topics look worthwhile to listen to.

  2. put those fires out! looking forward to monday.

  3. Take care of what you need to man. Look forward to the monday show!

  4. Although I’ll miss a new episode, I really enjoy picking an episode in the archives to catch up on.
    Hope things are okay on the homestead Jack.

  5. No worries. Take care of your place and family, first. I look forward to Monday.

  6. Priorities, man. We’ll all still be here Monday.

  7. I’m always a couple episodes behind due to work. Keep up the good work.

  8. Was wondering if my podkicker app wasn’t working on my night drive tonight til I was able to check the webpage…. oh well got caught up on some chicken thistle coopcasts (TSP always comes first though!) . Looking forward to listening to some more tsp next week!

  9. Is anyone else having trouble getting past Geoff’s first page? I enter my email and it does not forward me anywhere. Just an error.