No Show Today

Well we have one more day down in Arlington and I have a ton going on with our son and my father-in-law, both who I have not seen in 7 weeks so I won’t be able to do a show this morning.

We will be back at it and rocking on strong Monday morning though.

Today consider listening to something from one of our past episodes, some suggestions,

Thanks for your support of TSP and wait till you see some of the interviews that we will be filling out the month with.



6 Responses to No Show Today

  1. Brent Eamer

    I can’t bring myself to fall gardening Jack. Summer just arrived north of the border three days ago 😉

  2. We’ll survive 😉

  3. roundabouts

    No worries take the time you need to be with your family. You give so much to us/me patience and understanding is the very least we/I can give back. You want the best for us we want the best for you!

  4. I was out of state for several weeks and have missed your podcast. I will survive for another few days. Family is more important than almost anything. Enjoy your time together. I had trouble figuring out all your new format such as how to make comments. See what being away does.

  5. Be safe Jack and enjoy your time with your family.

    Life has taught me a bit about prioritizing…God-Family-Work…in that order. Everything else takes care of itself.

    Thanks for all you do.


  6. So, i was gonna catch up tonight because I had some company last week, but great timing, I’m able to continue on my regularly scheduled program on Monday! I hope things get less crazy for you. Enjoy the new permanent location and keep on doing what you do well!