No Show for Labor Day but a PermaEthos Update

As it is Labor Day and our listenership really plummets on holidays I have decided to not do a show today, TSP will return tomorrow.

If you want a TSP show to listen to today try the Random Episode Selector.

As I said last week I have no intention into turning TSP into a daily infomercial for the new concept we are calling “PermaEthos” so I set up a blog at Today I’ll be doing an audio file I will publish there.

It won’t really be a “podcast” and won’t be included in the TSP Feed but you can listen to it if you have interest and it will let me answer the dozens of questions and concerns a lot faster then by posting text responses.

Also today I plan to set up a notification list for PermaEthos and an investor survey form along with a perspective lessee survey form.   All details will be published at  The forms MIGHT not be up until later this week.   If you are interested in the PermaEthos community you will want to subscribe to notifications over there because only short mentions are going to be done at TSP in the future.

I think it is important to create some separation between the PermaEthos concept and the general TSP mission.  The audio file should be published by about 12-1 central time this afternoon.

8 Responses to No Show for Labor Day but a PermaEthos Update

  1. Have a great Labor Day Jack!
    Looking forward to the PermaEthos update.

    Hear ya tomorrow.

    • Modern Survival

      Well you can hear the permaethos update over there now if you want to man. I am now officially off for the rest of the day. We are building a water catchment system today to use dripping from our AC.

  2. Hey Jack,
    I have read the entire blog at PE but I don’t see where I go to “sign up” for notifications… Guess I am a bit thick… can you advise?


  3. Composting toilets seem the easiest way

    • Modern Survival

      Indeed, they may be. With that and gray water a LOT of issues may go away, or not. Some places won’t let you hook up power without septic. But that may or may not be a concern, one way or another.

  4. The more I hear, the more I like. I think you’re onto a winning proposition, Jack. This is almost enough motivation to make me return to Texas. Some Pathfinder friends have been looking for a vehicle of this nature, to set up an off grid (or at least mostly off grid) retreat type community. It would be awesome to be part of a group of like minded people. The very best to everyone who follows the dream. Happy Labor day (belated).