No Show for Jan. 26, 2008

Sorry folks my “allergies” have turned out to be some sort of a cold and I just have almost no voice so we won’t be doing a show today.  However I want to point out a few important updates…

  • You can now call in comments and questions to 866-65-THINK – If you tried last week we did have a small technical issue, that has now been resolved.   This service records you comments and we then choose ones to use on the air.  Learn More
  • The Survival Podcast is Now on Twitter.  If you use Twitter you can get updates from us just by following us on Twitter.  If you don’t use Twitter, you may want to check it out.  Follow The Survival Podcast on Twitter
  • We now have our on Fan Page on Facebook, if you have a Facebook account please consider becoming a fan of TSP on The TSP Fan Page

Rest assured the show will return tomorrow even if I still have some weakness to my voice.

~ Jack

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