No Show for Friday but Blame AT&T Not Me — 20 Comments

  1. If your AT&T card allows for an external antenna connection, you should try a Directional Parabolic Grid Antenna.
    I use this one and it made a huge difference in connection speed and reliability.
    No affiliation with this company except I bought my antenna from them.

  2. Damn you, AT&T! Damn you to hell!
    No seriously, it’s cool but, AT&T does suck. I’m still fighting with them on overcharges and lack of service. But, that’s the price I pay for living in the country…no competition. Hope you have some great shows for us and have some fun!

  3. The only damage i EVER got to my credit was due to AT&T wirelesses breach of contract.

  4. It will be good to hear Jack\’s perspective on these last two days. JS is fiddling with his AT&T card while the world burns! ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. The Survival Podcast should really be able to survive this sort of disaster, given the disaster probability…

    … just sayin.

  6. @M Kitchen,

    Whatever! The plan was to do and upload a show if we had solid 3G signal. We didn’t we had solid 2G which took about 15 minutes to upload one gig.

    This was a vacation for me, one I was willing to spend time working during if it had been practical to do so. It wasn’t so I went with plan B, taking the day off.


    I did consider cutting down the file size but even that would have left us with say 14-20 gigs. That would be a 4-5 hour upload if and it is a big IF the connection would have lasted that long with no interruptions. Anyway I will be back today, new show should be up by about 11-12 central as per usual.

  7. @M Kitchen

    Text is the lowest form of communication, ;>)

    Anyway thanks and it was a great vacation.

  8. @ Jack
    The colleges brainwash students into thinking text is the highest form of communications. Figures! Thanks for setting this straight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. @Jack, you forced me to listen to Limbaugh.. no more vacations for you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ready for a new show before I go into podcast withdrawals.