No Show for Friday but Blame AT&T Not Me

Yep I am in Llano Texas at a camp ground hanging with Ron Hood and his folks from the Hoods Woods gang.  My AT&T card does give me enough connection to post a quick post and to answer emails but I can’t upload a big MP3 so you will have to wait until I return on Monday for a new show.

It will be a good one though folks, there is a lot going on out there to talk about when I get back.  Until then watch your six, keep your powder dry and keep on living that better life.


20 Responses to No Show for Friday but Blame AT&T Not Me

  1. If your AT&T card allows for an external antenna connection, you should try a Directional Parabolic Grid Antenna.
    I use this one and it made a huge difference in connection speed and reliability.
    No affiliation with this company except I bought my antenna from them.

  2. Damn you, AT&T! Damn you to hell!
    No seriously, it’s cool but, AT&T does suck. I’m still fighting with them on overcharges and lack of service. But, that’s the price I pay for living in the country…no competition. Hope you have some great shows for us and have some fun!

  3. The only damage i EVER got to my credit was due to AT&T wirelesses breach of contract.

  4. OK, The Survival Podcast withdrawal symptoms are starting.

  5. I’ve read articles where you can take an old satelite dish (the small ones) and mount your wireless device where the LMB sits. I’ve heard of people picking up WiFi from 6 to 8 miles that way. Might work with your wireless card.

  6. It will be good to hear Jack\’s perspective on these last two days. JS is fiddling with his AT&T card while the world burns! 😛

  7. did you try having Ron yell at your att card?

  8. Dog-gone you, AT&T.

  9. Stormchaser

    So its an AT&T conspiracy?

  10. I carry a Wilson antenna for my Verizon card for getting online in remote locations.

  11. The Survival Podcast should really be able to survive this sort of disaster, given the disaster probability…

    … just sayin.

  12. Jack, make the MP3 files of the show mono instead of stereo and the file size will be cut in half!!! Faster uploads for you and quicker downloads for us….

  13. Jedi Jesstor

    I need my fix of TSP… i think I’m going into withdrawls

  14. Biscuits and Gravy

    Enjoy your day!

  15. I KNEW you were going to the hoodlums thing! I was planning on going but have to work this weekend instead. Can’t wait to hear how it went.

  16. Modern Survival

    @M Kitchen,

    Whatever! The plan was to do and upload a show if we had solid 3G signal. We didn’t we had solid 2G which took about 15 minutes to upload one gig.

    This was a vacation for me, one I was willing to spend time working during if it had been practical to do so. It wasn’t so I went with plan B, taking the day off.


    I did consider cutting down the file size but even that would have left us with say 14-20 gigs. That would be a 4-5 hour upload if and it is a big IF the connection would have lasted that long with no interruptions. Anyway I will be back today, new show should be up by about 11-12 central as per usual.

  17. @Modern Survival, I was just making a joke… hope you had a great vacation – you deserve it.

  18. Modern Survival

    @M Kitchen

    Text is the lowest form of communication, ;>)

    Anyway thanks and it was a great vacation.

  19. @ Jack
    The colleges brainwash students into thinking text is the highest form of communications. Figures! Thanks for setting this straight. 🙂

  20. @Jack, you forced me to listen to Limbaugh.. no more vacations for you! 🙂 Ready for a new show before I go into podcast withdrawals.