No Listener Call Show Today – Here is Why

So I really tried to screen out enough calls this week but I just don’t have enough to work with.  Here is why…

  • Many calls this week were unusable for audio reasons alone, everything from lots of static to sounding like people were inside a giant fish tank to lots of cutting in and out.
  • Quite a few calls never got around to the actual question.  A few people even called in multiple times on the same issue, and after 6-7 minutes I still didn’t know what your question actually was.
  • Several calls were, here is my comment or question but please don’t play it on the air, guys I am sorry but that is what the think line is for.
  • Due to optimism about the call volume I deleted everything older then 30 days about a month ago, so that one is on me, I should have archived these calls in outlook not deleted them.

We did have a few good calls and a few good ones responded to by the expert council but not enough for a full show.  This spells opportunity to get your questions answered.  If I get enough good calls over the weekend I will do a call in show both Monday and Friday next week.

Here is the formula for making a good usable call…

  1. Get to a relatively quite location.
  2. Try not to call from a moving vehicle.  Unlike when you are talking to a friend there is no one to say, you are breaking up.
  3. Make sure if you use a cell phone you have a few bars.
  4. Ask your question first, at once, immediately before even saying thanks for the show or anything at all.  What happens is people start with details or what have you and get side tracked, two minutes into the call I still don’t have any real idea about the meat of the question.  I can’t use such calls, I want to help but I also have an audience who is listening, if you go on for 2-3 minutes without making a point, you get deleted.
  5. Comments are welcome but make them up front, just like a question.
  6. Please don’t call and ask me to do a show about ________.  The think line is for use for on air content.  I can’t answer a question that is asking for an entire show.  I welcome your show suggestions, just email them to me.

Please understand I am not picking on anyone here.  You may have made a call this week that was great or just got a bad connection and were unaware of it.  There were a ton of bad audio calls this week, way more than normal, perhaps weather played a part in it.

That said we will have a show today, it will be out soon and it will be cool because for part of it we will have an interview with Geoff Lawton.  Again please call in your questions for next week over the next day or two and if I can get a good handful I will do a show on Monday answering calls.

A final note, try this guys, write down your question or comment.  No details just the blunt question.  Then put in some notes of your details then call.  It will help you a lot.  I want to say talking to an inanimate machine isn’t easy, it isn’t normal for questions like this.  I am again not picking on anyone, just trying to help you help me help you.

18 Responses to No Listener Call Show Today – Here is Why

  1. What will I do today?!?!

  2. This is what the random show button is for. I’ve listened to every episode but it’s nice to go back once in a while.

  3. Haha!

    Comon guys! Jokes! Theyre called Jokes!

    Look forward to anything you have time to release Jack.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    -Richard J
    Houston area

  4. We trust you Jack.
    Nobody thinks you are a slacker.
    You have standards to uphold and if the callers can’t come through, that’s on them, not you.

  5. Perhaps you should do a 4 hour show of calls that didn’t make it so you can inflict on us what you listen every week.

    • Modern Survival

      Just read Ron Shooks comments, it will be plenty of self torture if that is what you want.

    • “Just read Ron Shooks comments, it will be plenty of self torture if that is what you want.” – I know I am kind of new around here, but what is with that guy anyways? Man, he is something else.

    • @Jack
      HA! That was hilarious.

      I do laugh every time I hear you say “don’t call from the back of a motorcycle”. Even though I don’t own one, I really want to make a call on one.

  6. How hard would it be to add a call-in feature to your website that records and allows playback so we can hear our own messages and re-record if need be? No more fish-tanks and no more breaking up.

    At the very least it would be nice to have a feature that allows us to check our sound quality when we call by putting in our phone number. I’m NOT an I.T. guy, but I think it would be a great idea.

    • I mean you could always just record it on your own computer and send it in to jack. That would be one way, but obviously that would then open him up to receiving huge files.

      Could always use youtube, or some other video service, post the questions up on there. But then again, he’s got his process down, it would just add another kink to that refined one.

    • Modern Survival

      Difficult, very difficult. Mike’s idea above is actually fine. All the calls come to me as a .wav anyway, if it is over two minutes though……

    • @Jack
      Hell, then an encoded/compressed one wouldn’t be too bad then. 2 minutes = 2 megs with a decent encoding such as mp3. Whereas the uncompressed wav, 2 minutes = 20+ megs. Used to record music pretty seriously, so I know what raw recordings look like. Multi-gig files just for a mult-layered 4-5 minute song.

  7. Wow really? Are the only people that call in, new to the show? haha.

    Perhaps I’ll finally call in…