New Video on Using Yoders Canned Bacon

So I seem to always be going on and on about Yoders Bacon on the show because it is one of my favorite prepper foods for both long term storage and day to day use.  I think a lot of folks wonder how you get 50-60 slices of bacon into a can the size of standard soup can and have it still be usable and look  like sliced bacon.

The key is packing it really tight, folding he layers in half and separating each layer with wax paper.  When you open it this stuff is swimming in grease, heck though it is bacon what do you expect.  In this video I show you what to expect when you open it, how to get rid of a lot of the grease and how to package it for use after opening.

Of course in a SHTF scenario you would want to reserve the grease for use in cooking, etc.  Many people will do that day to day as well but as for me I am in the middle of continuing to drop weight and cutting out any excessive intake of fat.  This is one of the best long term storage foods that is also great for day to day you that you can make part of your food storage regiment.

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  2. You can also get that bacon thru MRE DEPOT.

  3. Thanks, Jack. I have been curious about this product. Having a case of this on hand makes sense.

  4. Thanks for the tips. Got a case of this last week from Safecastle. Will buy more. You should also check out the canned cheddar cheese Vic is selling. Got it with the bacon and tried it right away. Excellent stuff!

  5. Raw? I got the impression it was cooked.

  6. Modern Survival

    9@ It most certainly is.

  7. I haven’t watch this video yet (waiting until Wifey is available to watch also) but I’m hoping that at some point in the video, Max jumps up there and grabs a mouthful of that wonderful bacon.

  8. what a great idea. and i hate all the grease splatters from cooking bacon. im sold. thanks for the video jack.

  9. How long will it last in the fridge once you take out of the can and put in the zip lock?

  10. Modern Survival

    @Hraz It has the same shelf life as any cooked bacon would.

  11. Don’t think I can get this in Canada
    When I worked in Boston Jack, I found canned bread, which I never saw in Canada either.

  12. Not to pick Jack, but it contains Sodium Nitrite, same stuff that is in ‘curing salt’ that I use for my Jerky. You had reservations about Nitrites. The curing salt is 6.25% Sodium Nitrite. Or is the amount in Yoders significantly less than that?

  13. Jack,

    I’ve never had enough Bacon left over to store, I usually eat a whole pound myself, that’s why I was curious about the storage life in a fridge.

  14. Modern Survival

    @Brent, good point and this is how I feel. When I buy bacon or ham in stores if I can get nitrate or nitrite free I do it, if I can’t just as I breathe air I understand my body is resilient and capable of dealing with SOME things that are “bad for me”.

    When I make something I can control what goes in it. Since I can make jerky or biltong that is just as good and just as long storing with salt as I can a substance like nitrate or nitrite I don’t do it.

    I am not a health nut and don’t claim to be, I just avoid things that make sense to avoid where and when I can. Bacon is some good stuff and canned bacon is a good storable. So I use it but I don’t go around trying to live on it. We open a can about once every other month to keep some rotation going on and we use it for camping and the like. Make sense?

  15. Modern Survival

    @Hraz a couple weeks or so in a fridge in a zip lock bag but if you eat a pound strait down it ain’t going to matter.

  16. Yes it does Jack, thanks for the reply.

    Now, where in hell do I get this in Canada, I like the idea as an adjunct to my supplies. No need to fill the freezer with bulky bacon

  17. UGH!!! Micro wave? Put it out in the sun for a few minutes under glass & it will do better!
    (watch the cats tho)

  18. Hey, Jack. I was looking around for pre-cooked bacon like Yoder’s and found that the pre-cooked from the supermarket is actually less expensive; however, it is not shelf stable and it takes up much more space. In order to get in the same price range, you really need to buy a whole case of Yoder’s.

    Just a thought.

  19. Modern Survival

    @Drew, I can’t see buying anything less than a case anyway, I generally order two when I order it. I also wait for sales.

    We don’t use it a lot, we use normal bacon mostly but about a can a month keeps the rotation going and we have opened 5 year old cans that taste the same as a brand new can.

    Can’t beat it or your preps with anything else I have ever found.