Episode-2252- A New Understanding of Permaculture

I should probably call this podcast “an accurate understanding of permaculture” but “A New Understanding of Permaculture” has a better ring to it.   This show was in part inspired by a video by my good friend Curtis Stone called “What Permaculture Got Wrong“, while I love Curtis it could have been called “What Curtis Doesn’t Understand About Permaculture”.

Though that is in NO WAY a dig at Curtis.  His opinion is based on seeing what people call permaculture and how those same people define it.  I see a huge problem here and it comes down to conflating technique and tactics with overall strategy.

Permaculture is a strategy, more accurately…

Permaculture is an ethical design science used to create specific strategies for any given situation using appropriate methods and techniques for the purpose of specific goals.

Many have struggled to define permaculture over the years but I would hold that the above one may be the most accurate, simply because it separates strategy from techniques and tactics.  Permaculture is a systems thinking process, it is not simply a collection of techniques that are natural and safe ways to grow food.  Today we examine how that simple understanding allows Permaculture to actually live up to all that it promises.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • What does permaculture actually promise
  • What is permaculture at its core
    • The Prime Directive
    • The Three Ethics
  • How politics screws everything up
  • Understanding
    • Strategy
    • Method
    • Techniques
    • How the three lead to good design
  • How many critics get it right and wrong at the same time
  • What is really meant by appropriate technology
  • Some common methods and how they go wrong
    • Mulching
    • Swales
    • Hugulkulture
    • Rotational Grazing
    • Food Forestry
  • Some common myths about permaculture
    • There is no annual production in permaculture
    • There are no real pest/weed problems
    • Permaculture is only good for back yards
    • You can’t do mechanized harvest and do permaculture, etc.
  • Some of Permaculture’s biggest pitfalls
    • Obsession with a method
    • Unrealistic goals
    • Lack of experience (equating knowledge with skill)
    • Attachment to ideology
  • The keys to success
    • Start with realistic goals
    • Define the end game
    • Accept the following
      • Budgets (time and money)
      • Your ability
      • Market realities
      • Climate limitations
  • Why I feel Permaculture when understood is the best of all worlds

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4 Responses to Episode-2252- A New Understanding of Permaculture

  1. Funny how serendipity works.. just watched Curtis’ video today. =)

  2. Jack, as of 11:56am EST July 18, 2018 Tspaz.com is redirecting back to thesurvivalpodcast.com/tspaz
    BUT, tspaz.co is not. Getting redirected to my provider’s, Time Warner / Spectrum,  “dns search page” http://www.dnsrsearch.com

  3. It’s really interesting because what you’re advocating here with permaculture, and which can be applied to anything in the Universe, is situational context/scenario applied critical thinking, given a problem’s parameters and constraints.

    I appreciate this episode, as I really needed to achieve a better understanding of permaculture in hopes to apply it to my eventual homestead in about 10 years.

    Cool beans.

  4. Jack, I can get o TSPAZ with http://www.tspaz.com. But http://www.tspc.co is also redirecting there.

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