New MSB Vendor – Honey Locust Home

Green Monster with a Comfrey Core is My Personal Favorite Soap

Green Monster with a Comfrey Core is My Personal Favorite Soap

Based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania Honey Locust Home is a family run business providing artisan soap and home décor. Their soaps are handcrafted in small batches with select high quality oils and butters. All soaps on their site come with a full description and list of ingredients.

Aged for a minimum of 4 weeks they provide a great smelling, long lasting bar of soap that will leave your skin feeling great. Honey Locust Home offers a variety of other hand crafted products including custom décor pillows. Use the offer code that is already in the benefits section of the MSB at checkout to receive 15% off all orders before shipping.

I am pretty excited to bring you guys this discount.  Dorothy and I absolutely love the soaps from this company and they area  company truly inspired by the work we do at TSP, building their company from nothing to very respectable volume in about a year.  I actually featured them on a prior episode of the show.

Our favorite soaps from them are the Comfrey Green Monster and and Patchouli Mint soap.   Again the discount is 15% and some of their stuff is just bang on for the holidays.

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2 Responses to New MSB Vendor – Honey Locust Home

  1. Carson Liebenow

    Good to see more people getting stuff done.

  2. Man, I got some green monster off the barter blanket for my wife.

    she hit because I did not get more than what I did.
    Great stuff.