New MSB Supporting Vendor

If you have not yet listened to yesterday’s show with Steven Harris you really should.  Steven is one of the nations leading experts on creating energy from hydrogen, wind and biogas.  He is also the founder of is the my personal favorite source for individual energy independence available on the web. is chalk full of incredible resources for creating your own energy from solar, wood, biogas and more. Their site has an incredible selection of products, DVDs and books that empower individuals to personal energy independence.

The best part is MSB Members now get 15% off of all books and DVDs at  Trust me no matter what you are looking to learn about in the realm of personal energy independence you will find it at

Some of the resources I am adding to my personal library are…

I am really happy that I was able to bring to the MSB program.  I generally try to bring in vendors that I am happy to spend my own money with and this is definitely one of those times.   Even if you are not in the MSB if you have been looking for ways to increase your personal energy independence check out today.

A quick note on the discount, the 15% only applies to books, videos and DVDs, also has some awesome products like biogas stoves and rocket stoves but they are already priced so low that Steven is not able to offer further discounts on them.  I am personally still going to pick up one of his portable biogas stoves, they just seem to cool not to add one to my preps.

If you are serious about gaining energy independence this one benefit could cover the cost of an entire year of the MSB.

Remember as a member of the MSB you also get…

  • Over 100 dollars of free eBook
  • Discounts from 28 Additional Vendors
  • Videos available no where else
  • Zip Files of every episode of TSP ever recorded

So if you have been on the fence about the Members Brigade, today might be a good day to join.

One Response to New MSB Supporting Vendor

  1. Mile High Mike

    Looking at efficiency, solar air beats solar PV. I’ve been thinking about the window box collectors for a few months now, so I’m looking at purchasing that book!

    Another option is solar air panels to put on my south facing walls. Rough ROI calculations bring it to payoff in six or seven years and I believe that three of them will heat my entire house during the day, saving my propane.