New MSB Member Benefit – Discount at Mother Earth Products

Mother Earth Products Now Supports the MSB.

Mother Earth Products Now Supports the Member’s Support Brigade with a 12% Disocunt.

Many of you know I am a huge fan of dehydrated vegetables, and I have been a big supporter of a company called Harmony House.

While I grow and dry more peppers every year then my family, my neighbors family and just about everyone we know can use, some things are easier bought then grown and produced.

For instance I use a ton of celery, carrots, onions and garlic in dehydrated form.  Harmony House Foods has been my go to for such things until now.

I was contacted last week by Mother Earth Products and was challenged to compare pricing with Harmony House and it was indeed better for the same products.

Now I tried to get you guys a discount at Harmony House for about a year.  No returned phone calls or emails, no response even with notes in large orders asking to speak to someone.  Such is often the case with big compartmentalized companies.  I mean some nut with 65,000 listeners wants to talk to your marketing department and you can’t be bothered with that right?

Mother Earth Products by comparison is the type of company I love to deal with, want to talk to the owner, send him an email and you get an answer.  Make a proposal and you get a yes or a no or a questions on details in a day.  This is exactly why I keep my ad rates low and keep the sponsors I have had mostly from the very beginning.

Well Mother Earth Products wanted to buy ad space but you guys know the deal on that, we turn over MAY BE one sponsor a year if that.  So I hit them up for a 10% discount their already great pricing, get this the owner came back with 12%.  I said deal and done so they are now in your Members Area in the benefits sections.

To get the discount just login to your MSB account and click on benefits.  This one benefit alone may fully pay the MSB cost for many members that do a lot of bulk prepping.

That said even if you are not an MSB Member this is still a great supplier and they still  have great pricing, selection and service even without the MSB Discount.  So check them out today, and if you have been kicking around an MSB Membership this is just one more example of why to sign up.

Full details on the MSB can be found here.

6 Responses to New MSB Member Benefit – Discount at Mother Earth Products

  1. Awesome stuff, thanks for putting that up! I like how there are lots of options for packaging sizes for things I’d like to try, and things which I already know that I like.

  2. Sounds like a great opportunity! I gotta say, I need to take advantage of these member benefits more. Problem is, I actually forget to check the members section before buying, even when I’m buying from your advertisers. I’ve made purchases from both Steven Harris and JM Bullion and forgot both times to apply the member discounts. Duh! (at least I got my member discount when buying from TSP Mint!)

    Anyway, Mother Earth Products looks like a great company to do business with and I’ll be sure to get my discounts this time when ordering!


  3. I am with Rich. You do such a great job hitting companies up for us, and I never use the dang discounts. I look forward to taking better advantage once my move is done.

  4. Hot dog!. Thanks Jack and Thank you Mother Earth Products. Just checked out their site…Non GMO. Way to GO!

  5. LICountryboy

    Placed an order this morning to check them out and try some things. In the comments I added thanks for supporting TSP.

    I received an email from Theodore K. Pope in response.
    As Jack said. Small company that is involved with their customers.

    I am sure I will be ordering again.

  6. Thanks for your hard work Jack!

    Did you guys see that you can get FREE samples of up to 3 products? You just pay the shipping ($3) and they send the samples to you, with or without you placing an order.

    That’s a very cool policy for those of us who aren’t quite ready to order and just want to try some things first.