New Items at TSP Gear Shop

17th Sticker

The crew at the TSP Gear Shop has been busy creating some new items to go along with the release of the latest book for the 299 Days Series by Glen Tate. Book Six, The 17th Irregulars, was released earlier this month.

17th Patch

Glen has been a member of the TSP Community since early on and has made numerous appearances on The Survival Podcast. Check out the rest of the new stickers, patches and t-shirts in the 299 Days Merchandise section.

There are also plenty of great TSP items ready ship. Stop by the TSP Gear Shop today. Remember, MSB discount gets you 10% off all orders and shipping is FREE for all customers within the US.



3 Responses to New Items at TSP Gear Shop

  1. I just finished book six and he makes a great reference to TSP with his main character wearing a TSP ant patch on his hat!

  2. Bonnieblue2A

    Just wanted to comment on the fantastic customer service by Kelly at the TSP Gear Shop.

    Has there been any thought given to a T-shirt style other than these high necked, short sleeved BLACK t-shirts? Something perhaps more geared towards the female members of the audience or something more along the lines of buttoned, collared polo?