Episode-850- Natalie Bogwalker on Firefly Gatherings, Permaculture, Primative Skills and Homesteading

Natalie Bogwalker of The Firefly Gathering

Natalie Brings Fire to Life

Natalie Bogwalker practices and shares skills she considers vital to humanity’s future.  She lives in a lovely, growing homestead nestled deep in community in the Southern Appalachians.

She is the co-founder and director of the Living Skills School and the Firefly Gathering.  She has taught and given talks at schools, universities, and gatherings all over the country.

You can learn more about Natalie and Firefly Gatherings at www.WildAbundance.net and www.FireflyGathering.org

Today Natalie joins us to discuss permaculture, primitive skills, homesteading skills and their importance for survival along with how they improve your quality of life from day to day even when nothing goes wrong.  I think you will especially enjoy the way Natalie links the concepts of permaculture, homesteading and primitive skills in a very holistic and logical manner.

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19 Responses to Episode-850- Natalie Bogwalker on Firefly Gatherings, Permaculture, Primative Skills and Homesteading

  1. lol @ Bogwater.

    I’ll be listening to this in a bit. thanks Jack 😀

    I keep forgetting to email you and think … anyway.. what did you call the business model where you set up a website, have a supplier and never see or touch the merchandise. I know how you feel about holding products. I’ve got to start somewhere. Thanks for all you do Jack.

  2. Fireflygathering.org didn’t work from my iPhone. 🙁

  3. Wow, really cool interview. I am surprised. Most would stereotype Natalie as a hippie survivalist or something, and I admit I did too at first, but with an open mind. Natalie’s approach to thinking and life gained acceptance with me before the interview was even finished. I find it so fascinating the different paths in life people choose.

  4. Thanks Natalie! It’s great to know about Firefly Gathering.

  5. Wow! Great interview… and really great information.
    Loved it. I am looking into the firefly site now.
    Thanks Natalie! Thanks Jack!

  6. Great interview! It was very inspiring.

  7. Jack, it’s very interesting the “community” that you talk about. Here in Texas, Rowlett actually, a woman is starting a community of homesteaders and permaculture. They are all trying to buy land and live together. I see this happening in many places.

  8. PistolWhipped

    I’m amazed there was an organization like this only a few hours from my place. Plan to research these folks in more detail, but awesome podcast nonetheless.

  9. Thanks for another really good show. I really like what Natalie and her group are doing. Groups like hers and Dave Canterbury’s do a lot to help others obtain these wonderful skills.

    Also I enjoyed the part about permaculture. It seems that almost everytime permaculture is discussed on this show I learn a little bit more about it and my understanding grows.

    Thanks again!

  10. Matthew in Gooseneck Ga

    This was another I interview where I thought I would not like it. I ended up really loving it! What a great young woman. She lived in a wood hut for 5 years? Oh my gravy!

  11. Cool,

    The Firefly gatherings sound an awful lot like the Earthskills gatherings of Fuz Sanderson in Episode 841.

    • The firefly gathering was based on and modeled after the Earthskills Rendezvous. Natalie does run a good show there. I go there to teach and she comes the the Earthskills Rendezvous to teach.

  12. I was completely expecting to skip this one after a couple of minutes. But the passion and energy Natalie brought was awesome. Great interview!

  13. Reconnoiter

    I went to the fireflygathering website. Clicked on the link for “registration and pricing”, but couldn’t find rates listed anywhere. ???

  14. Great interview Jack. Natalie was a terrific guest. I am seriously considering this year’s Firefly Gathering for myself and my son. We live in Atlanta, so it’s pretty close and i love the Asheville area. Like the others, I expected this episode to be a bit “out there”. I’m glad I gave it a chance.