My Food Forest Presentation from the Recent Earthworks Workshop

The Power Point Deck for this workshop is available here.

This Presentation on Establishing a Food Forest was given by Jack Spirko at the Spirko Homestead on Nov. 23rd, 2013.

You can track a write up of the entire project at Permaculture Global here.

The Nursery Mentioned in East Texas is Bob Wells Nursery.

The Tree Source mentioned for the Stuff I can’t get from Bob Wells is Raintree Nursery

To see the swales installed during this workshop, see this link

Here is our tentative design for the property as a whole showing an inlay of the forest we are installing right now in the eastern edge of the property.

Here is a print of the swales with main trees and infrastructure.

9 Responses to My Food Forest Presentation from the Recent Earthworks Workshop

  1. One rootball full of win here! I do hope some on my FB list gets a gander too.

    I am so glad I saw the part on propagating by cuttings! Not only a fine specimen 😉 but also a method I NEVER SAW, and I used to have my grandpa’s horticulture dictionary with all sorts of information on where stuff grew and what they look like, some entries with what yields it had.

  2. You must tell us where you got the hat.

    Thanks for posting this, too!

    • Modern Survival

      A shop in Breckenridge CO. Next time I get a chance Ill post the name of the maker I do know it is made in the USA.

  3. Thanks Jack, Nick, and Josiah ; This video brings up good memories. I had a great time, met some wonderful people, and learned a lot. Thanks for all the hospitality………..Scott

  4. High quality stuff guys. I watched it on my new smart tv and it looked dynamite. Cable’s death is a beautiful thing!

  5. Jack et al,

    A fine show, filled with great advice. It doesn’t stroke the harpies like politics, but if it gives just a small boost to finding 10 times as many smart, young farmers and horticulturists it’ll do more for the future than any politics. It’s a shame to see so little commentary response. Looks like a long haul.

  6. Man, this is the class I would have really liked. But I am glad I learned how to slaughter chickens. Thank you so much, Jack! (^_^)

    I sure hope you can get David Brandt on your show.

  7. Thanks Jack and the production crew for publishing this excellent information, the workshop attendees are so privileged to be able share a unique experience for the whole weekend.
    I especially liked the planting apple pips segment to give more diversity in eating new types of apples. ” Montys surprise” was found as a seedling tree on the side of a countryside road in New Zealand and has some impressive eating qualities.

    Thanks again for posting the video, to illustrate we need more diversity in our landscape
    Cheers Finster

  8. great video. I visited Bob Wells nursery a few weeks ago and told Rob you mentioned them on the show. They’re great folks and work really closely with you to get even a small order. I’m sure they’re thankful to have drawn your attention. Can we hope for an MSB discount? He said he would look you up and said he’d recently had a huge order from a prepper. Very keen.. and FWIW they’re digging trees for bare root sales now.