MT Knives Stakeholder Program Updates

Recently I mentioned the launch of the MT Knives stakeholder positions that are coming soon. I have posted a video with a short description of the program and the Limited Edition knife you will be receiving as a stake holder.

Go check out the specific details on the MT Knives site and take a moment to watch this video by Patrick Roehrman.

Again get full details details on the MT Knives site

5 Responses to MT Knives Stakeholder Program Updates

  1. thewarriorhunter

    man i am so excited about this. trying to get the other half on board but this may be one of those things where i ask for forgiveness and not permission. it’s a long term investment, not a purchase.

  2. Mannnn I can not WAIT. Also, he should be really careful about the international orders thing. Feels like it would be more trouble than it’s worth Why deal with whole other sets of laws and crap? Plus, I’m sure he’ll have plenty of people IN America clamoring to get in on this.

  3. Jack, can people from abroad (UK) participate?

  4. Any idea as to the number of future limited edition knives we would have access to? Even a ballpark number?