MT Knives – Site Crashed Be On the Look Out for an Email — 36 Comments

  1. I’m excited to support Patrick and his family in their walk to freedom! If the knives are as cool as Jack says, that is just a bonus. Press on, TSP’ers!!

  2. nice problem to have 🙂
    While the site being down is an inconvenience, nice to see that there was that much interest.

    • I am sorry but yep, it all went off in a flat 6 minutes. We did out best to be fair in this situation.

  3. Very happy for you! Was even happier when I heard Jack mention you have your last day of work already scheduled! Enjoy the freedom!

  4. Thanks Jack,
    That was as equitable a way to deal with the situation as was available. My post was the first one on FB stating success, I hope that means my number is low! Glad to be a part of something like this and grateful for your desire to see others succeed along with yourself. Brilliant!

  5. I didn’t get the email either but I am EXTREMELY excited for MT Knives. What a great show of support from the TSP community!

  6. Once again TSP shows its generosity and strength. This is an amazing group of people and I hope everyone realizes what we have here. Thank you Jack and thank you Patrick for giving this community the opportunity to invest in the future of one of our own.

  7. YEAH, baby! I made it in. I was up at seven (CDT) to get the email saying the sale would go live an hour from then so there was a bit of confusion this morning. I also didn’t get see the blog comment about the email so I’m thinking I just barely got in under the wire. I actually wouldn’t mind if I got number 100, honestly.