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Get the MSB for 15 for Six Month or 30 Dollars a Year for Life!

I guess it is the early spring we have going on here in Texas but I feel like doing something cool for an MSB Sale and one I have not done before.

First the rules, this sale is for either new members or members with expired accounts.  Not because I not willing to let active members renew early with it, simply because the payment system I use won’t allow it.

That said existing members can use this sale and get its benefits if they pay by US Mail with the renewal/sign up form.  That is the best I can do on this.

Now the deal, first for those who have considered trying the MSB I want to get you to do so for six months.  So I am making a really great trial available.

Six months is normally 30 dollars but during this sale you can get a six month membership for only 15 bucks.  To get that great rate just join the MSB and use code try15 at sign up.

Next for those that know the value of the MSB and want a great lifetime rate, I have this sweet deal to offer.  Use code life30 and get exactly that, lock in a rate of 30 dollars a year for life!

Given the MSB sells ever day for 50 dollars that rate is a permanent discount of 40%!  Again that rate will apply to renewals and lock in for life.  Should PayPal cause some hiccup and cancel your renewals (it happens) you can just email me an I will honor the rate, again for life.

You can Join the MSB at the Members Page

Note if you are an existing member with an expired account, do not set up a new account, just login to your account here, and follow the instructions to renew an the discount codes will work for either a 6 month or 1 year term.

So in summary…

  • Select a six month term and use code try15 and get your first 6 months for 15 bucks
  • Select a 12 month term and use code life30 and get a rate of 30 dollars a year for life

This sale will run until Midnight Central Time, Monday the 15th of February.  And you know some folks just might consider an MSB membership a nice Valentine present.  Though you may want to check first!

If you have been considering the MSB now is a great time to join!

There are several benefits that are worth more than the entire first year cost alone. Such as…

  • A free LIFETIME Discount Membership to SafeCastle’s Discount club (value 49 dollars)
  • A free Premium Membership with Western Botanicals (value 50 dollars)

Remember Bob Wells Nursery was Gives 10% on All Trees and Plants to MSB Members

Winter is a great time to plant trees, bushes and many other perennials. And all MSB Members get 10% off all purchases from Bob Wells Nursery. That means with this one benefit alone a 300 dollar tree order alone would pay for the entire first year!

You can Join the MSB at the Members Page

Did You Know How Many Companies Give Discounts to MSB Members?  Here they all are!

To Join the MSB today and Support TSP at only 12.5 cents an episode, just sign up for the MSB Now and use…

  • Discount Code try15 to get a six month membership for only 15 dollars or
  • Discount Code life30 to lock in that rate for life

You can Join the MSB at the Members Page



10 Responses to Give the MSB a Shot or Get a Low Rate for Life

  1. 🙁 my account is going to miss this by 2 days

  2. Jeremy Downing

    This is a good deal!

  3. Jack….Is this a better deal than the prior service military deal? Thx…Jennifer

  4. Did it! Thanks!

  5. Jack, I’ve just been paying month to month and the last payment went through on 2/2. Is there a way I can manually cancel, then renew?

  6. I’ve listened back in 2012-early 2013…started listening again in 2015..signed up for MSB for the first time after hearing your “too good to be true” deal 😉 Thanks Jack!

  7. Dropping my check at the post office today. (Closed due to Presidents’ Day). My auto renew is in July. Life30 is on the check with the members form. FYI. Keep up the good work.

  8. I just want to let you know I normally *detest* automatic renewal and was NEVER going to sign up through PayPal. I was planning on sending in some silver coins, eventually. But this was just too good of a deal to pass up.