MSB Week In Review 007

Here is this weeks MSB insider’s only video of our week in review. We want to make these videos really cool for members of the Support Brigade, so after watching it please be sure to leave questions and comments for what you want to see in next weeks updates.

The purpose of these videos is to give MSB members a behind the scenes look at what we do at the the Spirko homestead and with the operations of the TSP business itself. This will generally be things that we are reserving for our private members only.

All the videos are posted to Vimeo and are password protected. The pass code will be the same for all videos and it is prominently displayed on the main page of your MSB Private Area. You will see it as soon as you log in. You can’t miss it. It is in BOLD RED at the top of the page when you log in.

We know there was a long break in these videos but we had quite a few things that took up a ton of time, that got us off track but we are back at it now.

This Video Covers…

  • Our new temporary greenhouse and what is going on inside it
  • A simple to make watering can that works better then the ones you can buy
  • Comfrey cuttings
  • How the geese almost drained the pond and killed our gold fish
  • The results of paddock grazing are still evident and more impressive than ever
  • Progress on the main swales for the coming forest garden
  • Sheet mulching of a 15×60 foot small forest garden
  • Small forest gardens installed with the geese and chickens
  • We now have power to the chicken coop!  (but it is grid power)

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13 Responses to MSB Week In Review 007

  1. Very cool! like the tank/pond idea.
    It just gets colder here in Ohio,but sunk in and insulated could help.

    • Modern Survival

      We have a simple aquarium heater in the top tank, that and the moving water kept things going in Nov. when our temps were under 25 for 3 strait days. Note that was not lows of 25 that was three strait days where the high was under 25. Overnight lows were down to 11 degrees on the coldest day.

  2. Great video. Just the other day I was like “what on earth are they even doing over there? Whats Josiah up to?” hah.

    Would you advise digging up established comfry in a garden to take cuttings? I have put a few out in the garden, but I’d actually like to start putting them out in my pastures for the goats to eat. I started roughly 15 or so from seed and transplanted into the garden. I’d still like them to be there, but I want to really propagate it all over the place.

    In your pasture areas are you broadcast seeding new seeds in for establishment? And if so, what kinds?

    • Modern Survival

      Yep you really can’t hurt it. You can hack and hack and hack and it will still grow back. That said I like to dig around it and take outer cuttings and leave the crowns when I can.

      Note though I will have a discount for you guys on comfrey cuttings by March. The company is small and wants to wait till they can dig up a good inventory before they go live on the MSB and where they currently are the ground is frozen.

    • Great. Good to know. I’ll have to dig around them to see whats there.

      I would also be interested in buying bulk for cheapish. I’m getting ready to look at doing that as well with “perennial peanut” (Pintoy Peanut for the permaculture folks). Right now I”m trying to think of a way to seed these amongst the grass I already have without broadcast seeding (also looking at mechanically decompacting the soil in the process). I figure I could rip rows in the sod and plant comfry/ perennial peanut / daikon/etc in it.

      Thanks for securing the discount, I’ll be keeping my eye out for it.

      • Modern Survival

        Did you try the hot water trick on the mimosa seeds?

        • Hmm….. I’m trying to remember if i scarified them or not. I have a feeling I did not. However, I just found the baggie that has a lot more of them. I was actually kind of panicking because I couldn’t find them and thought I had no more. I’ve got apparently hundreds and hundreds more. Guess I’ll give that a shot.

          I definitely boiled the black locust seeds, although I’m seeing less germination than I did the first time I did them, I’m guessing its due to it being January instead of October…

        • Gator Bee Gal

          Jack, I’m so glad to hear that Coe’s Comfrey is coming on board! I ordered some cuttings from him after listening to your podcast last year, and the customer service is top notch, not to mention the plants are beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to this amazing plant! My sheep, pigs, and chickens all love it!

        • Modern Survival

          It isn’t Coes he doesn’t use a PC, so doing something is complicated. I don’t really get a online business not using a computer but he does have great stuff.

        • Gator Bee Gal

          Go figure! Well, I can’t wait to see who it is and order some more cuttings.

  3. What were those white tubes in the greenhouse?

    • Modern Survival

      They are not tubs they are trays with white tree starting containers in them. Like this, We are about to start a ton of baby trees.

    • @Jack
      When you go into the greenhouse I laughed because i’m like “what is this my place?.” I really liked the greenhouse idea. I’ve been thinking about making a hoop house or two (one for a large chicken tractor) and the other has a greenhouse/screenhouse.

      I have two of those white 98 tree pots and 4 sets of the larger black ones.
      I have about 60+ black locusts growing, I planted mimosas (only one has sprouted), I was able to germinate about 15 (out of 19) hickory trees from my uncles and I have 3 trifoliate oranges we found.

      I purchased my tree pots at Peaceful Valley. ( Good to know of another source because I love these things.