MSB Week In Review 003

Here is this weeks MSB insiders video of our week in review.  We want to make these videos really cool for members of the Support Brigade, so after watching it please be sure to leave questions and comments for what you want to see in next weeks updates.

The purpose of these videos is to give MSB members a behind the scenes look at what we do at the the Spirko homestead and with the operations of the TSP business itself. This will generally be things that we are reserving for our private members only.

All the videos are posted to Vimeo and are password protected.  The pass code will be the same for all videos and it is prominently displayed on the main page of your MSB Private Area. You will see it as soon as you log in. You can’t miss it. It is in BOLD RED at the top of the page when you log in.

First let me apologize for the lighting in this video. We were at a point where it was either shoot in poor light or go two weeks without a week in review. Sunday was a long day, I really ripped up my back and we had a ton of stuff to do to get ready for the event.

What we covered in this weeks video

  • Reducing conflict with our pastured meat birds
  • My beer of the month club
  • The effects of patina on knife blade
  • Paleo bread, in two words it sucked
  • Progress on the property
  • Shows for the coming week
  • Lots of SWAG for students at the event courtesy of David Crawford (Lights Out)
  • Our plans for a biogas stove
  • Establishment of new mini “forest gardens”
  • Josiah talks about the “Epic Battle Between Charlie and the Flyover Goose”

You can view this weeks video at

6 Responses to MSB Week In Review 003

  1. I’m not 100% sure, and this situation may not ever come up again, but having Josiah standing with his back to the major light source (the doorway) might have helped the lighting. Still a good video, thumbs up.

  2. This video is for MSB members only? If that’s not your intention, you should know that Vimeo has marked it ‘private’ and isn’t letting folks view without a password. Which I don’t have. So I’ll enjoy the shows I do have access to, no worries! Thanks for all the immeasurable good you do for the preparedness community. –Bear in California

    • Modern Survival

      Yes the week in review videos are a benefit to MSB Members, they give and inside look into our private lives.

  3. Cool video and thanks for answering my question again! You also added in a little nugget I didn’t know. (That by the time the males get to wanting to be protective over the hens, that’s when you butcher them). Good to go, I can deal with that!

    Glad to finally get my dose of the latest TSP again.