MSB Updates, New Benefits and Sale Ending

Okay first up, today I put out a great interview with Steve Aukstakalnis from AlertsUSA.   AlertsUSA is a ten year old company offering an specialized emergency threat alert service for mobile devices. If you want to stay informed of breaking events in a number of ‘in your face’ threat areas posing a risk to you and your family, this service is well worth a look.

I got a special deal for the entire audience though the end of the year.  That price is 99.99 vs. 169.95 but I got an even better permanent deal for the MSB, try 75 bucks a year.  A savings of over 60%.

I want to take a moment to point something important out about these discounts and my endorsement of AlertsUSA.

First, often when I make such deals available I am accused of doing it only for personal return.  This is nonsense, first I was offered an affiliate deal by AlertsUSA, the additional discount the Member’s Brigade gets is me NOT taking a commission.  I make absolutely ZERO when any of you sign up for AlertsUSA.  My job is to get information to all of you and get the best deals I can for members, if I skim off the top I can’t get the best deal, this is ONLY ONE OF MANY times I have turned down such offers.

Two, while I do not agree 100% with Mr. Aukstakalnis political take on things, I find his information very creditable and possibly life saving to many.  That is why I recommend his service, we have to know what is going on regardless of what each of us thinks should be done in response.  I want all listeners to know I was offered a free account with AlertsUSA and turned it down.  Instead I choose to purchase it for the same price MSB Members do.  I did this for a few reasons…

  1. I feel if I recommend it to you then I should be willing to spend my money on it
  2. By purchasing it I was able to verify the sign up process, the price promised, etc.

On occasion I get accused of being “too commercial” on other such things.  I figure from time to time I should reveal what really goes on behind closed doors.  Trust me I could run this site differently and make a lot more money.  I could replace all 12 sponsors with 6 affiliate programs and make far more then the fees I charge, etc.  I run the program for the listeners and for the members.  Yep I pay the bills with it but keep in mind this is why the show is on every day and has been for almost 4 years now.

Next up on a minor update I just added episodes 775-799 to the zip files on the download area of the MSB.  Of course anyone can get all episodes of TSP back to number one in the archives one at a time.  But for Members we have all episodes in convenient 24 count zip file blocks in the members area.

Last but not least we are running a sale on the MSB that was to end today.  One listener asked if I could let him buy on Friday (tomorrow) because he was expecting some money to his PayPal account.  Well I got to thinking and ending a sale on a Thursday is kind of dumb, and since this will be the last sale till March or April I decided to extend it for one day.

The discount code is “snow” for full details on this sale see my post about the sale at this link or just sign up and use the discount code “snow” here and get your first year for only 30 bucks.


13 Responses to MSB Updates, New Benefits and Sale Ending

  1. Thanks for being honest (as always) about the behind the scenes stuff Jack! Love the show and looking forward to listening today! Cheers~

  2. Jack

    I honestly cannot believe that someone in good conscience could say that you are too commercial.

    I mean it’s not like you provide free of charge over 5 hours of useful information and entertainment per week.



  3. Just an FYI, my virus protection software, Avast, is blocking the MSB login page saying there is a trojan identified as “js:Redirector-MX [Trj]”.

    Hopefully it is a false detection, though I do understand there were some issues with the forums the other day.

    Thank you for all you do Jack!

    • Modern Survival

      This is why I hate anti virus companies. There is absolutely NOTHING that can do you any harm on that page. I was running some analytics with an iframe, that set this stupidity off even though it was harmless it has since been removed. As for jsredirect, that means javascript redirect, because the login uses java to redirect you to the members area (to protect it from unauthorized access) when you log in.

  4. Thanks again for what you bring us every week and with the MSB…..I for one do not worry about you making ‘too’ much money….is there such a thing? But seriously, great job and keep it up!!

  5. Never mind the naysayers and too commercial crowd. I spend 45 minutes each way to work listening to your work. I have tried several others but have stuck with you over the last couple years. I signed up MSB this past year and love your program. Thanks for being honest about your dealings. Good things happen when you treat others well and your success shows it.

  6. Tried to sign up for MSB , filled out all the blanks but the “continue” never worked.

  7. Radicalized American

    I guess when at least part of your core audience has to be paranoid tin foil hat people, that’s what your gonna get. I see no reason why you shouldn’t make a little money off of what IS obviously one of your possible revenue streams. Especially if we aren’t having to pay retail in the end.
    It is cool of you not to, but I will pay for what I feel is what I want/need discount or not, and the things I don’t feel are for me, well no discount is enough. I just feel bad you have to explain yourself to what seems to be a clued in audience.

  8. I am very careful about how I spend my hard earned money, but this week I signed up for the MSB because I really believe in what you’re doing Jack. You have an honest approach to your business and it provides a massive ROI in my opinion. Looking forward to a challenging and educational 2012. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  9. For those that think Jack is too commercial go checkout some other podcasts. Some I’ve listened to even have commercial breaks during the show.

  10. I signed up for email newsletters from a couple of other “survival” websites, and now I constantly get advertising from them or their affiliates – “the world ends tomorrow – you need this investment product to survive” or “watch this video and sign up for my really expensive today”. Jack doesn’t do that kind of crap – that’s what I love about this site and The Survival Podcast.

    Thanks, Jack, for being a stand-up guy. You demonstrate that integrity and success in business are not mutually exclusive.

  11. Jack, let the nasty people who don’t trust you in the dust! What matters is how you represent yourself and I have not seen anything but good honest intent on informing the sheeple to wake up and fight for our freedoms that are left and the ones that “Big Brother” are trying to take away! I have learned a lot in a year’s time by gaining new insites and knowledge from your show. I do question things from time to time and verify them as well. I can’t find where the “azzclowns” as you eloquently put it, can even try to accuse you of this commercialization.

    Keep up the great work and stirring the sheeple into a good reality check!

    My name is Wayne Warner and I live in South Central PA. (near your old stomping grounds!)

  12. I just signed up for the msb