MSB Special Deal – Bread From Gasoline for 5 Bucks

One of our newest MSB supporting vendors run by Steven Harris is running a short term HUGE discount program for all MSB members. Right now until close of business on Friday, August the 5th you can get Steve’s Awesome Video, “Bread From Gasoline” for only 5 dollars. It normally sells for 34.95 and is full of awesome insight into many of Steven’s best methods of simple energy production all applied to the simple act of baking bread in an emergency.

At the bottom of this post is a trailer of the video so you can get a better feel for it.

Again this normally sells for 34.95 and you get the full video by download after the order in  MP4 that is compatible for your iPod or can be played on any PC or Mac.  There is no code for this special only a special link to get the video, that link is currently in the main page of your MSB account.  When you log in you will see it right at the top of Brigade HQ.

So what if you are not in the MSB? 

Well if you want this video, you can either pay the full 34.95 or join the MSB this week to get the special price.  James has asked me to offer a discount on the MSB in return for this awesome deal so I am doing that.  This week you can get 20% off any term of the MSB as a new customer using the coupon code “bread”.  You can use this if you pay by mail as well.  If you pay by mail odds are you won’t get your login in time for the Bread from Gasoline special, so if you do that email me and I will send you the link directly.

To Join the MSB Go Here

Here is the Trailer for “Bread from Gasoline”

7 Responses to MSB Special Deal – Bread From Gasoline for 5 Bucks

  1. Good info…more than 5 bucks worth.

    If you run out of oil what I use is bacon grease. It’s delicious in bread. Granny used hog grease for everything including greasing the side by side.

  2. I was just about to pay full price for this vid. I ordered a camping gasifier stove and have been poking around Steve’s sites since his interview. The family preparedness mp3 was pretty good and the price was right too.

  3. Oh that poor cat is being used as a scape goat.

  4. I’m sorry, but I don’t get it. Making bread from a breadmaker using your power inverter connected to your car batteries!? How is this information someone would pay for?!

    • Modern Survival

      @Mark I am sorry you don’t get it but it is a hell of a lot more than that. The video is 95 minutes and uses making bread to teach you many different ways to generate power an how to gauge how much power you can use for each method.

  5. I bought the video. It’s interesting, and would probably be a lot more useful for preppers who haven’t worked much with batteries and generators and inverters before. I did like his practical approach: bread is food and calories, both of which you need in a disaster, and bread makers are portable and make lots of bread in a short time.

  6. I ordered the video last night. A lot of great information on bread making as well as alternate power sources and how to determine power requirements. Well worth the money.