MSB Sale Issue Resolved

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Right now I am running a sale for new MSB Members.  The code to use for the discount is msbaug.  For some reason the code decided to expire itself today even though I set it not to.  I killed it and regenerated it so it should now work.

I was running the sale till Midnight on Sunday based on central standard time.  Due to this hichup I will now run it till Monday at midnight.

Again the code is msbaug and it will give you a year for 40 dollars vs. 50 dollars, this is for new customers only.  If paying by mail with silver we will give you 2 extra months, if by cash or check just send 40 vs 50 and write the code msbaug on the form.

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One Response to MSB Sale Issue Resolved

  1. Who’s miss baug? 😉