MSB Sale for TSP Classic Series

So while in Denver I am running episodes of TSP Classic, some key episodes from the early days of TSP with new commentary at the beginning.  Friday’s show this week will be a classic show vs. a normal call in for instance and it will be awesome.  Something very special is on that show!

Then all next week we will be running similar classic TSP episodes.  I feel bad that new episodes can’t be done in this time so I am running a MSB sale.  Just use the code tspclassic anytime between now and Oct 13th and get your first year of MSB for only 35 dollars.

Due to the fact that I am away this sale will be for new members only.  Doing things manually at this type of time is next to impossible.

Well there is an exception as always we will take silver during this sale.  We will give all those that pay by silver 3 extra months per ounce.  So instead of one ounce getting you 12 months it gets you 15 months, that is an incredible deal.

You can also pay by mail with cash, check or money order using this form.  If you pay by mail make sure to complete the form you can find a link to on the members page.  Just write tspclassic on the form and if  you pay by cash check or money order send 35 dollars a year vs. 50.  Do the same if you pay by silver and we will know to add the extra time to your account.

Why is this an exception for existing members?  Well if you are an existing member and pay by mail you can get your account extended and get in on the sale.  Please understand though Dorothy is the one who does the manual entries and she won’t be able to get to them until next weekend, so it might be a bit of wait until you hear from us if you pay by mail.

Also PLEASE do me a favor if you pay by mail, please make damn sure you print your email address VERY clearly on the form.  It is the one piece of your info we really need to have correct to get your account info to you.

So there you go a sale to go along with the TSP Classic series.  If you have been on the fence on the MSB now is the time.  Remember we just added quite a few new discounts and the exclusive week in review members only videos to the MSB.

If you are ready to join the MSB you can do that here.

Remember the discount code is tspclassic to get your first year for 35 bucks.  Again existing members can only use this code if you pay by mail.  There is a link at the bottom of the membership page that says “Pay By Cash, Check or Silver” click that if you wish to pay by mail or you can just get the form right here.

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