MSB Sale, Contest Update and Status Report

Remember there is about one week left in the MSB vacation sale. Right now use discount code vacation and get your first year for only 35 dollars. This will be the last sale until the fall so take advantage of this one while it lasts.

On the AR-7 contest I heard we broke 2800 entries so I will be getting one in addition to the one an audience member wins. Thanks for making this contest a success. This also means that Ready Made Resources will be giving away an AR15 upper worth over 850 dollars in July.

Last just an update on our vacation. We are having a blast though the fishing has been lackluster. I have caught one nice mackrel and one nice trout. Other than that just a lot of time walking the beech with my wife and recharging.

There will be shows Monday and Tuesday next week and TSP will be back to daily shows on either Thursday or Friday.

One Response to MSB Sale, Contest Update and Status Report

  1. Enjoy all those negative ions at the beach and some well deserved time off!