MSB Members Get Free Ammo Cans from is a new sponsor of The Survival Podcast, they are a great company with great deals on the most popular types of ammo in the industry.  They are also specialized, in that they ONLY sell ammo.  Well ammo and of course ammo cans.

They don’t sell gun parts, bags, t-shirts or cleaning supplies.  Just the best deals on first quality ammo with plenty of it in stock, all the time and lightening fast shipping.

Well I asked them to step up and do something for the MSB as well and of course being such a great company they were happy to.  So right now until they run out of ammo cans anyway on any order over 200 dollars you get a free ammo can.

Now some of their ammo actually ships in a can like the 1000 Rounds of 223 I just ordered for 305 bucks.  That particular deal is made up of 100 round sealed packs all packed into a steel can.

When I ordered it I used the MSB coupon code and got an additional can for free.  Actually I ordered two exta cans and got one free because who doesn’t want a few more ammo cans?  So check out Bulk Ammo for great deals on ammo and if you are part of the MSB make sure you get your free ammo can.

5 Responses to MSB Members Get Free Ammo Cans from

  1. Man these guys at BulK Ammo really rock. I am really glad you brought them on board.

  2. I can’t find any ammo cans on their site to add to my order.

  3. Modern Survival

    Doh! I will email Angela now, I think the link got removed by accident it was there yesterday when I placed my order.

  4. Turns out, they ran out of them today, but received another shipment. They are listed on the site again.


  5. Ordered 2000 rounds and two ammo cans, they shipped the next day and emailed me a tracking number. Good place to get ammo…