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Since I am running an MSB Sale this week I thought it might be a good time to give some of our supporting partners in the MSB a bit of exposure to drive home just how much value the MSB provides.

While I have worked hard to get a lot of things like gardening and permaculture products discounted for you guys.  And I have also done so for tactical stuff and food storage as well that isn’t everything.  I have also worked to get you guys just some cool and enjoyable stuff discounted as well.

So today I thought I would mention a few discounts that perhaps are not tough survival themed things, but some stuff you would likely enjoy, including some on cold winter days.

  •  Mai Thai Coffee – this is some of the best tasting coffee I have ever tasted.  I first discovered it about a year ago when an employee, Matt, who is also a listener sent me some. Being grown in the mountains of northern Thailand allows this Premium Arabica Coffee to have an amazing flavor MSB members can get 10% off of everything that Mai Thai Coffee sells.But it gets better!  Matt just sent me a few gifts one included a coffee called “Spiced Butter Rum”.  Dorothy and I agreed it was the most delicious coffee we have ever had.  So I went to the site to order a full 5 pounds of it.  And it wasn’t on the site!
    Well I emailed Matt and he told me it was a special for a fundraiser but he would ship it to me if I ordered something and included a note asking for the substitution.  I also talked him into putting it on the site so you guys could get some of it, and save 10% when you did by the way.  This stuff is a great Christmas gift, that is if you want to part with it after tasting it.  Learn more at and get that awesome butter rum stuff here,
  • TSP Gear Shop – TSP Gear is where to get the coolest SWAG out there and show you pride as part of the TSP Community.  New gear and cool stuff is added all the time!  So check out gear shop often and show your self reliant spirit with pride.  The best part is all MSB members get 10% off of all orders and remember with TSP Gear, shipping is always free as well.   A lot of cool stuff in the gear shop would make a great gift for people who don’t even know what TSP is, such as the French Press Coffee Mugs, the Kydex Sheaths for Mora Knives and our awesome new Dry Storage Containers.
  • Harvest Eating – As an MSB supporter you can now get 15% discount off all store items like spices, olive oil, pasta sauces and supporting memberships at  Chef Keith makes some of my favorite seasonings ever.  My favorites are his Steak Seasoning, Low and Slow BBQ and his Grilled Chicken, but they are all awesome learn more at and guys, these are a great affordable and totally unique Christmas present as well.

Keep in mind these are just the gardening and permaculture themed discounters for MSB Members. There are currently 45 companies providing discounts to the MSB. As far as I know the MSB is the greatest value in prepping, homesteading and preparedness ever put together. And I will keep working to make it even better.

Remember between now and Sunday the 15th at midnight I am running a great sale on the MSB, get your first year for only 30 dollars. Full details on that sale are here.

At 30 bucks for the first year some of you guys might use the above just for last minute Christmas shopping and on top of it, get your money back in discounts right away.

3 Responses to MSB Discount Spot Light – Just Some Cool Stuff

  1. All I saw was “Spotlight”, my whiskers twitched, and then realized, it was not flashlight related. How cool for a MSB “Spotlight”; Cree XM-L U2…

  2. Thanks for the sale Jack!

    New msb member here!

    -Richard J
    Houston Area

  3. I was one of the winners of Mai Thai coffee off the forums. Was going to give as a gift but decided to keep. It is great coffee!