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Since I am running an MSB Sale this week I thought it might be a good time to give some of our supporting partners in the MSB a bit of exposure to drive home just how much value the MSB provides.

While I have worked hard to get a lot of things like gardening and permaculture products discounted for you guys. And I have also done so for tactical stuff and food storage as well that isn’t everything. I have also worked to get you guys just some cool and enjoyable stuff discounted as well.

So today I thought I would mention a few discounts on the stuff in the tactical and medical world.  I say the MSB brings value and I mean it.  Check out this list of supporting MSB vendors and what they offer.

  • Western Botanicals – MSB members a free Preferred Membership at Western Botanicals. This normally costs $50 for a year to become a preferred member. As a preferred member, you will receive all Western Botanicals products at a 25% discount. This saves many of our preferred members hundreds of dollars each year.  This one discount is the same value as the entire first year of the MSB at full cost let alone on sale.
  • Doom and Bloom Survival Medical Supplies – As an MSB supporter you can now get 10% off all supplies and items at  Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy took over 30 year of medical experience and examined the worlds of survival and collapse medicine.  Though that evaluation they created the ultimate in medical kits for all needs.  On some of the larger kits the 10% discount would cover your MSB cost for a year and then some.
  • Dark Angel Medical – Is a veteran-owned business with a combined total of over 20 years of medical training and work in both the military and civilian healthcare fields with concentration in emergency and critical care medicine. They are providing a 10% discount for all products, including the D.A.R.K. (Direct Action Response Kit), a superior product to the standard IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)a.k.a. BOK (Blowout Kit).
  • Bulk  Ammo – offers all members a 10 dollar discount on all ammo purchases in excess of 200 dollars.  Since you are going to buying in bulk you are likely to be buying at least that much.  At a time when ammo prices are still high, their fast shipping, large stock and this discount are quite impressive.
  • Paladin Press – Paladin offers all MSB members 15% off any products in their catalog or on their website.  This is a great discount from a company that is know as the source for tactical information.  To see all the great stuff from Paladin Press just visit their website at this link – Paladin Press has an amazing assortment of information products on everything from survival, self sufficiency, long range sniping, hand to hand combat, lock smithing, changing ID, becoming “the gray man”, law enforcement science and more.
  • Survival Gear Bags – Far more than just bags, is a great assortment from the tactical to the practical of gear for the modern survivalist.  MSB Members receive 10% off all purchases from the Survival Gear Bags Web Site.  Survival Gear Bags was born right out of the TSP community and is a great example of an American business success story, see why at their website.
  • – is not about the end of the world – It’s about the satisfaction you get by knowing you can take care of yourself and/or your family in any situation, anytime, anywhere.  MSB members now get 5% off of all purchases from
  • Sawtooth Tactical – Offers all MSB Members a full 10% discount on all purchases. Sawtooth has all kinds of great “tacticool” items.  Everything from Magpul Mags to SOE Tactical gear and more.  This is a veteran owned and operated business nestled in the Sawtooth wilderness of Idaho, where tactical is a way of life.
  • 180 Tack – 180 Tack provides products for the outdoor and emergency industries that are reliable, sustainable, and truly useful. They provide a 10% discount on their entire line of products wich include the 180 Tack Stove, The 180VL Stove (very light) and the BearLine+ system.
  • Safecastle Royal – offers a free discount club membership to MSB members. The discount membership is normally 49 dollars and gets you huge discounts on all Safecastle Purchases including some very cool tactical options.  This is another benefit that on its own pays for your membership for a full year even at full price.
  • – MURS Radios allow you to have communications in your neighborhood or on your rurual property tied into motion sensing devices.  These systems are affordable force multipliers.  MSB Members get 5% off all orders at
  • Old Grouch Military Surplus – a traditional old fashioned military surplus dealer- chock full of real military surplus, not a bunch of cheap copies. Tim and his crew are always looking to bring you the best deals in military surplus from the USA and other countries. Be sure to check his site often because in the surplus world inventory changes quickly and he has new stuff every week  See what they have at and to get a 10% discount on every purchase as an MSB Member.
  • Black Dragon Tactical – Run by our good friend Devon Standard is a full service site specializing in all aspects of tactical gear including body armor, firearms accessories, the RONI pistol systems and many other tactical components now offers all MSB members free shipping on all purchases.
  • TN Tactical Supply – TN Tactical Supply is a veteran owned and operated company. Their team has a combined online sales experience of nearly 20 years and they know how to make our customers happy. The entire team is made up of active shooter’s, hunters and tactical / survival enthusiasts and use the products they sell.  They offer MSB Members 10% off of everything in the store except ammunition.

Keep in mind these are just the medical and tactical themed discounters for MSB Members. There are currently 45 companies providing discounts to the MSB. As far as I know the MSB is the greatest value in prepping, homesteading and preparedness ever put together. And I will keep working to make it even better.  Flatly if there is a better value in the tactical and preparedness world then the MSB, please show it to me.

Remember between now and Sunday the 15th at midnight I am running a great sale on the MSB, get your first year for only 30 dollars. Full details on that sale are here.

At 30 bucks for the first year some of you guys might use the above just for last minute Christmas shopping and on top of it, get your money back in discounts right away.

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