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Since I am running an MSB Sale this week I thought it might be a good time to give some of our supporting partners in the MSB a bit of exposure to drive home just how much value the MSB provides.

Since we are in the cold depths of winter right now many of us are going over seed catalogs and planing for the warm days of spring.  Or growing greens and other fresh stuff in greenhouses.

So I thought I would lead off with all the discounts that provide you with a savings on gardening and permaculture needs.    Here they are

  • Progressive Gardens is your garden consultant. They provide ALL the products you will need to grow the best garden of your life.  They also have the know-how to help you make it happen from the start, even in poor soil conditions. They stock hydroponic systems & fertilizers, natural lawn care, rain barrels, organic gardening supplies, natural pest & disease control, composting & compost tea supplies, worm farms, beneficial insects and so much more! MSB Members get a 10% discount on all products at
  • Progress Earth –    Is the global distributor of the Vortex Brewer® system, Progress Earth specializes in the creation of living, organic compost tea. They have a complete turnkey system that uses BioEnergetic techniques to bring balance and harmony to living systems. This reduces the need to fertilize and use toxic biocides, as well as increasing yield, brix, shelf life and flavors.  All MSB Members get 10% off of all products at
  • Darby Simpson Consulting  –  MSB members receive a 10% discount on a personalized farm consultation session with Darby Simpson. Whether you are a homesteader, or aspiring to become a full or part time farmer, Darby offers the expertise he has gained from his own experiences to save you time, heartache and money. Learn more at
  • Terroir Seeds – Offers all MSB Members 10% off of all orders with a TSP discount code. I found Terroir two years ago and they reached otu to me because so many of you loved their unique seed inventory and ordered from them, so I got you guys a great discount.
  • The Soil Cube – Okay this product is simply cool and will pay for itself in just one season of gardening.  The soil cube creates compressed soil blocks that you can use for starting seeds in.  This eliminates the need for any type of pot.  Hence roots are 100% undisturbed by transplant and unlike peat or paper pots there is nothing to impede root growth after planting out.   The soil cube sells for $24.95 but MSB members can order it for only 19.95 a 20% discount.
  • The Victory Seed Company – The Victory Seed Company is a family operated organization working to preserve and protect open-pollinated, heirloom seeds by keeping them available to home gardeners.   MSB Members get 10% off of all orders at

Keep in mind these are just the gardening and permaculture themed discounters for MSB Members.  There are currently 45 companies providing discounts to the MSB.  As far as I know the MSB is the greatest value in prepping, homesteading and preparedness ever put together.  And I will keep working to make it even better.  By the end of December I will be adding at least one more outstanding seed company to the list above.

Remember between now and Sunday the 15th at midnight I am running a great sale on the MSB, get your first year for only 30 dollars.   Full details on that sale are here.

3 Responses to MSB Discount Highlight – Seeds and Gardening

  1. Matthew N Gooseneck

    I really miss high mowing.

  2. Ditto. What happened to High Mowing?

  3. Excuse me. My tomatoes are four foot tall and starting to bud. I am planting Kale and lettuce. Jack never mentions when he is talking about gardening that there is an exception in the USA. It is us who live in zone 9 and 10. But we understand. We have to disregard all garden timing advice and just flip the timetable upside down.