MSB Discount Ends Today

Tonight at 12 central time the August discount for the MSB will end and once again I will not be offering a discount this big in 2010 again.

Once again here is the deal, the discount is for 20 Dollars off the first year of the MSB, so year one is 30 bucks.  Given just one benefit (Free Safecastle Lifetime Discount Membership – Please note this is for US Residents Only) is worth 29 dollars call that at BUCK for year one.  Plus all the free ebooks, other discounts, free videos, archived shows, etc.  So, how does one get this great deal?

Go to the new gift shop, click on “bags” in the store.  One of the bags on that page says “___________ its whats for dinner”  the word that fills in the blank is the discount code you need.

Then go the the MSB Page and use that discount code to get the best deal I have ever offered.

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  1. Darn that time difference. (sigh)