Episode-2271- The Most Valuable Skill Most People Are Never Taught

That skill in three words is simply, “how to sell”, simply put, “sales is life and life is sales”.  One huge problem we have in life is people compartmentalize everything.  I.E. “Sales is something sales people do, and I am not a sales person, so I don’t need to worry about it.”

My one word response to this is………BULLSHIT.

Have you ever asked anyone out on a date?  Did you ever interview to get into a school?  Did you ever try out for a team?  Have you ever interviewed for a job?  Did you as a child ever convince your parents to buy you a toy?

Well, sales, sales, sales and sales are what the above items are.

The single most valuable thing I can teach you about sales is what I call an absolute definition of it.  An absolute definition means a simple statement that requires no further explanation and works all the time, every time.  My absolute definition of sales is “a transfer of belief” and lets put it to test with the above questions.

  • Getting a date – you transfer the belief that I am worth spending time with.
  • Getting into school – you transfer the belief that I will be a good student.
  • Getting on a team – you transfer the belief that I will be a good player.
  • Getting a job – you transfer the belief that I will be a good employee.
  • Getting a child’s toy – you transfer the belief that the toy is worth buying for some reason.

Do you see how simple that really is?  The truth is all of use are natural born sales people, we have something I started calling an “inner salesman” a long time ago.  Sadly for most of us, it is literally beaten out of us by the time we most need it.  Today I am going to put you back in touch with your old friend and tell you how he/she can help you build a better life.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • Why we are all born knowing how to sell
  • How this basic human ability is suppressed and beaten out of us
  • Why this is the number one reason I say people “hate money”
  • Why everyone needs to ABC (always be celling) all the time
  • Understand that every time you engage in a debate you are selling
  • The most basic of all sales formulas and how it works – the C.A.S.H. method
    • Create at problem
    • Agitate the problem
    • Solve the problem/problems
    • Help the prospect obtain the solution
      • Don’t be afraid to let them do all the work for you
  • The best way to get to a yes is to make it easy to say no
  • Never leave money (aka opportunity) on the table
  • Promise only what you can deliver
  • Close all the loops yourself
  • Ask for what you want, then shut up
  • My keys to success
    • Spend 80% of your time on the best prospects
    • Spend 20% of your time finding more prospects
    • Take as little of the prospects time as you can
    • Tell your prospect why you chose them
    • Be direct about why you are contacting them
    • Make it clear (nicely) that you don’t need them
    • Know your cycle and stick to it
  • It is all back to transfer of belief, and you can’t transfer what you don’t have

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7 Responses to Episode-2271- The Most Valuable Skill Most People Are Never Taught

  1. Hi Jack,

    I’m back from hiatus. There are new history segments on the wiki starting with 147 AD.

    • Modern Survival

      Awesome!  To make your life a bit easier we can do something like segments from you for M-W-F and I can do Day in History say T and TH if you want.  I can imagine doing this daily could be a chore.

    • Glad to have you back, David missed your segments. I like the idea of having both. How about on Tuesdays and Thursdays Jack picks something from that week in history? Gives you the option to pick something that means the most to you at the time.

  2. Thanks for this change of pace, Jack.  It was a great refresher and got me thinking.

  3. Five days a week is fine for me. It’s never been a chore; I enjoy it. I know I wasn’t that consistent before, but I’ll make sure five segments get written each week.

  4. I can attest to the power of a “I can take it or leave it” sales mindset when interviewing for a job. My last job was one that was practically thrown at me, and I honestly didn’t care much about it one way or another. At the time, the previous job had just ended when the gov’t contract ran its course, and our family was strongly considering a big move in a few months anyway. I was still putting out resumes for jobs that looked at least mildly interesting, but I wasn’t all that serious about it given our tentative plans to move. Long story short, this employer was extremely eager to get me to interview after 10 minutes talking on the phone, and seemed even more eager to get me to onboard after the in-person interview (I got the job offer the next morning). It was probably the most enthusiastic I’ve ever seen a potential employer about hiring me, and while I was professional and courteous, my mindset going in was “I have a bunch of other options, I’m just here to see what they offer”. While I was a decent match for the job skills-wise, the level of their eagerness to hire me was surprising.

    The job itself was only so-so (I took it for the money and savings-building opportunity) and I left a year later anyway to move here and work for myself, but that interview experience was an eye-opener. It’s one thing to understand the general concept but to see it work so well in action was educational to say the least. I try to adopt a similar mindset in my current endeavors… I can’t say I’m ever as solidly ‘in the zone’ as I was that one time, but I do think it has helped me some in my networking here.

  5. One of the best tsp shows ever when it comes to changing people’s lives! Put this one on your replay list. I started my magazine a year ago and have built up some confidence. I have listened to this episode twice already and now I’m ready to go back and expand on your show notes. That could be transcribed and sold as an e-book. I guarantee that I take some of that instruction and cover the cost of my MSB for life!

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