Episode-355- Monsanto and Global Threats to the Food Supply

I have been inundated by mostly outraged listeners about the fact that Monsanto was just named “company of the year” by Forbes Magazine.  A few of our listeners who are not really aware of Monsanto are also asking if Forbes says they are so great why do you say they are “pure evil”.  I will be answering that today but the show is not going to be dedicated to just bashing Monsanto today.  Join me today as we talk about GMOs and many other threats to our long term global food supply.

Join me today as we answer questions such as…

  • Why did Forbes really choose Monsanto and where are they right about it?
  • What is a GMO, why should you care?
  • What practices make me call Monsanto evil?
  • What has Monsanto done to Iraqi farmers?
  • How much of our global food supply does Monsanto control now?
  • How exactly do you get a gene from a fish to splice into a gene from a corn plant?
  • Why and how are we turning once fertile land into salt flats?
  • Why we don’t really have a shortage of water but a system that uses abundant water poorly?

Resources for today’s show…

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15 Responses to Episode-355- Monsanto and Global Threats to the Food Supply

  1. Monsanto; Forbes \"company of the year\"

    Bernanke; Time magazine \"man of the year\"

    Obama; Nobel peace prize

    Is this a pattern?

  2. Greed will kill us all. As long as we remember who did this injustice to the world the greedy will possibly pay.

    Sorry this stuff angers me and threatens my new baby.

    Just remember and spread the word.

  3. Good to see that some scientists are willing to go against Monsanto at least.

  4. This battle against genetically modified food is already lost. Genetically modified means once in the gene pool it spreads naturally through successive generations. There is no way to remove it. If Monsanto disappeared today the modified genes go on, and on, and on. The world has fundamentally changed. There is no going back. We face a harsh reality. The world ahead will be quite different from the world we know. Can we adapt and survive this genetic invasion? I believe we can. But,hang on. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

  5. This may be the most important pod/vid posted ever. T hank you for the education, I have sent this to all my friends basically begging them to listen to your podcast.

  6. Go organic and plant those heirlooms and say no to GMO! Check out your local food coop and others who don\’t sell GMO. You don\’t have too be a hippie to go organic.

  7. I have to say I have never felt more motivated or more resolved to take action than after listening to today’s podcast.

  8. Another great documentary, in addition to Food, Inc. that Jack mentioned is

    The World According to Monsanto

  9. Jack – Listed to this last night. 1 corrections.

    GMO Corn has the BT Gene.

  10. Modern Survival


    How is that a correction? I said that. I think the problem is people think GMO cotton or GMO corn or GMO soy is one thing. Currently Monsanton has 4 different types of GMO corn that are quite popular and a few more that are in the works. There isn’t “GMO corn” there a many varieties of GMO corn.

  11. Hi All,
    I am still a couple of shows behind so I have not yet heard this show yet. However, the Monsanto issue is of particular interest to me as an IP attorney (patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) This morning, I received an article reporting that the US Dept of Justice is investigating Monsanto in an antitrust investigation in the seed industry. The article mentioned concerns that Monsanto might try to block access to certain patented seed types after the expiration of the patent. Specific seed types mentioned were Roundup Ready 1 seeds.
    Hope you find it interesting too.
    Best regards,
    Silver Wolf

  12. Check out this court document (http://scc.lexum.umontreal.ca/en/2004/2004scc34/2004scc34.pdf)- I’m glad to see that the Canadian Supreme has some sense and told Monsanto that it was ridiculous to claim a patent on life (see last paragraph of 7th page of pdf.) Interestingly, Monsanto’s website (http://www.monsanto.com/monsanto_today/for_the_record/percy_schmeiser.asp) claims that Percy didn’t win.

  13. The only way to get rid of companies like Monsanto is to not buy their products. This also means
    NOT buying products from companies that use Monsanto as their supplier of choice. I know Greenpeace has a list out of companies that use GE soy, corn and wheat.

    As for me, I have switched to organic and boycott companies that do not provide organic options.