MOLLE Pouch Group Buy


TSP Gear Shop and Survival Gear Bags are going back to their roots. As often mentioned on The Survival Podcast, these shops started out by doing group buys in the TSP Forum.

This time around TSP Gear Shop is able to pass along a great deal on a, versatile, Made in the USA, MOLLE Pouch from SO Tech. Originally designed as an Individual First Aid kit, they are durable, and complete with several internal pockets. They can be used for much more than an IFAK though. These are perfect for keeping items organized in your Bug Out Bag. You can build them out as an ammo pouch; holding shotgun shells, .22lr, stripper clips, and various magazines all in a single pouch. Another one can be for Comms; holding a pair of radios, batteries, headset etc. Another for lighting. Another for hygeine. Trauma kit. First Aid Kit….. You get the idea. They are also perfect to hold accessories. You can pack up all the adapters and accessories for a Wagan Power Dome, and attach the pouch to the handle.


These used to sell for $30.00 or more, but since SO Tech is phasing out ACU Digital Camo, they offered the last 100 units to TSP Gear Shop for a greatly reduced rate. These are now available to you for $15.00 each, including shipping. MSB Members can take another 10% Off.

To take place in this group buy, place your order at TSP Gear Shop. You can also add any other items from the store, and your whole order will ship when the pouches are ready.

13 Responses to MOLLE Pouch Group Buy

  1. thewarriorhunter

    thanks for the update! picked up two!

  2. That is a killer deal for a made in the USA pouch! I am going to share with my customers, it’s better than I can offer on a comparable product right now.

  3. These are selling fast. 60 out of the 100 are already gone.

  4. tyronedeblanco

    dang it! Snooze, you lose. What a great deal. To bad I missed out.

  5. Given the interest and speed that this sold out, hopefully there will be more opportunities down the road for similar deals.

  6. One other thought – maybe Jack can throw these offers out to the MSB members 1st, sort of like what he does with the registrations to his workshops? Another no cost, value-add for us MSB members…

  7. When SO Tech packed up our order they found 10 more pouches. They are available for order in the gear shop until they run out again.