Episode-630- Mike Gasior on the Current Economy and Everyday Prepping

Mike Gasior from AFS Seminars

Mike Gasior from AFS Seminars

Mike Gasior is one of the most switched on financial people I know.  Having worked on the inside of major bond trading concerns and now specializing in complex political accounting issues he has a unique view into our economy.  Mike is a consummate expert, he has authored ten textbooks on investments and the investment markets, and over 700,000 people worldwide read his monthly newsletter.

His breakthrough radio program “Big Money with Mike Gasior”, which aired worldwide on the VoiceAmerica Radio Network, was one the first shows ever to focus on the needs, concerns and issues faced by the world’s largest investors and Mike is a regular guest on the “Naked Short Club” show in London.

He is also the founder of AFS Seminars in 1989 after spending time with several Wall Street firms and a major European bank. In his teaching he uses anecdotes and lessons drawn from his lifetime of experience with economics, investments and the financial markets to deliver knowledge with a dynamic, interactive teaching style that I find to be among the best in the industry.

And we are fortunate to have him here with us today on The Survival Podcast.

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Additionally Mike has some special offers for some of his upcoming seminars. A note from him is listed below.

With the developments that have taken place in the markets in the last few years, the four programs I will be presenting in New York in the next 60 days have taken on even deeper importance than usual.  I wanted to drop you this email today to make you aware of these extremely timely sessions.  Of course, all my courses qualify for significant CPE and other continuing education credits.

We are aware at how tight training budgets have become and for that reason we wanted to offer a tuition special for these important programs.  When registering two paid attendees for any of these programs we will allow a third to attend for free.  On the final page of the registration process on our website, simply list the three people you would like to attend the seminar.  If you have any questions, please call or email and we will be happy to help.  This offers tremendous value for your training dollars.

The four seminars taking place in New York available for the 3 for 2 special are:

Derivatives – April 11 & 12

Alternative Investments – April 13 & 14

Mortgage & Asset Backed Securities – May 9 & 10

Securities Operations, Processing & Accounting – May 11 & 12

You can also view all my 2011 sessions at the following link:

11 Responses to Episode-630- Mike Gasior on the Current Economy and Everyday Prepping

  1. Money Spinner

    Nice infomercial, hope it pays some of the bills, Spirko.

    • Well, I guess you’ll have to ask for a refund on your 10-20 cents you paid for this episode. Or are you not an MSB member and paid zero for this?

    • ModernSurvival

      @Money Spinner

      You are a true assclown, what infomercial? Mike doesn’t sell anything to the general public, no how to invest courses or anything like that which is why I like having him on the show.

      Mikes seminars are for corporate accounts. He gets next to nothing from taking time to come on TSP and only does it because he likes to teach and help people.

  2. David Galloway

    I think it’s amazing that Jack brings people as diverse as Mike Gasior, Paul Wheaton, and Gary Vaynerchuk on TSP. This not only expands our food-for-thought but it also helps to legitimize Prepping to people who may have though we’re all tin-foil-hat wearers praying for apocalypse.

  3. I enjoyed the show! It was very informative. I feel however, that nuclear power is especially dangerous to whomever lives even 1000 miles from it.radiation just dosen’t stop at a certain point it keeps spreading and contaminating whatever is in its path! This type of energy is more dangerous than many scientist are a loud to tell us. The effects of the fallout in Japan will last for many years and will affect many generations. When off shore drilling is done by a trustworthy company it should not be a problem, but none of the companies doing the drilling can be trusted to do the right thing. All you have to do is look at the Gulf of Mexico. Oil is still coming and the people are getting sick. BP has walked away and left them high and dry not to mention destroyed the environment. Whether you think about the polar bears we have to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat!

  4. Great advice!

    But, what do we do about all the entities out there working simply to tear down, rather than build up? Its one thing to have a legitimate debate on the feasibility of nuclear energy or corporate bailouts, but some arent willing to accept they may have lost the debate.


  5. Mr. Spirko,
    You mentioned a youtube channel of urban farmers/homesteaders in Kansas, could you post what the channel was?

  6. Andrew Martin

    Great show Mr Spirko Sir (haha sorry Jack). I’m studying electrical engineering and economics down here at rice in Houston and i always enjoy economic discussions. I wouldn’t say no to a few more guests like Mike!

    I think I might call in one of these days as I have a few prep questions of my own

  7. Love the econ discussions (among all the other great stuff you cover). WRT the Red Cross, it is the biggest fricking scam. Don’t be afraid to say it. The more people who know it, the better. Keep up the great work and screw the trolls. I think its great that you can generate enough cash flow to quit your day job. They’re just haters. Living well is the best revenge! ;o)