Episode-1361- Michael Boldin from The Tenth Amendment Center

Michael Bolden of the Tenth Amendment Center

Michael Bolden of the Tenth Amendment Center

Michael Boldin is the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center. Michael has a full schedule working as senior editor of the Center’s website, writes a regular column, fields media interviews, and travels the country to speak to crowds about sticking to the Constitution – every issue, every time, no exceptions, no excuses.

Michael joins us today to discuss the nullification process and in some ways you likely have never heard of or considered before.  Typically people think of nullification only as say the State of Texas passing a state bill that directly nullifies a Federal Law in direct opposition to the same.  That is one form of nullification but it is far from the only one.  Some forms of “passive nullification” are actually historically more effective.

Join Michael and I Today as we Discuss…

  • What is nullification
  • How does nullification work
  • Is this constitutional
  • What did the “Father of the Constitution” James Madison have to say about it
  • How has nullification been used in history
  • Who were the actual “nullifiers” at the time of the civil war
  • How is nullification being successfully used today
  • Why should the left and right actually be united in this

Resources for today’s show…

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14 Responses to Episode-1361- Michael Boldin from The Tenth Amendment Center

  1. Great show that provides insight into how to actually gain ground in our shared quest for expanding liberty.

  2. DanielBoone

    You be might be surprised have many people misunderstand the Constitution and where our rights originate and how “common sense” it isn’t.

    I recently got in an agruement with some one on YouTube over whether you had the right to grow a front veg yard garden or not.

    The othe persons opposing view was that the only rights you have come directly from the Constitution and nowhere else and if its not in the Constitution its not a right.

    Gardening wasn’t mentioned in the Constitution ergo you had no right to a garden.

    I of course pointed out, like Dude the 9th Admendent, and please actually read the Constitution before you make such a statement….but I thought about it a bit…and….how often do you hear even liberty minded people say that driving is a “privilege”?

    I hear people say driving is a privilege all the time and you have no right to drive or operate a motor vehicle.

    Driving is a privilege granted to you by the State in many peoples view.

    Thats really scary when you think about it…how many other actual rights have we ceded to the government because they were not explicitly enumerated in the Constitution and we have been under the false impression that if its not enumerated in the Constitution then it isn’t a right?

    If driving is a “privilege” are other means if transport a privelage? Is travel a privilege?

    I think back to that history segment where the king banned people from moving within the kingdom to seek better employment opportunities.

    There are a ton of things not specificly mentioned in the Constitution that if the government messed with would severely impact our freedoms.

    • Modern Survival

      Well driving isn’t a privilege, BUT driving on a publicly funded tax payer built road with other drivers who have a reasonable expectation of safety and competence is.

      Now if we had private roads the owner of the road could decide what qualifications you need or don’t need to drive on their road.

      But legally one doesn’t need a license or insurance or a registration to drive. Yo can do all the driving you want on private property that you own or that the owner says you can drive on, totally legally and no one can do shit.

      Yes the ability to drive on a public road IN OUR SYSTEM is a privilege. As a realist while I want the system changed I do have to work in the system where I choose to engage with it, public roads are one such place.

      • Slippery slope to allow the government to rename a right as a privilege simply because it built a ‘public’ something with taxes.

        • Modern Survival

          Well as a supporter of Republicans you should be all over it. LOL

          Seriously though I didn’t say driving was a privilege, I said under the current system driving on public roads is. It isn’t a slippery slope, it is simply fact.

          Like this one, “smoking pot is a federal crime” and “smoking pot in Texas is a state level crime”.

          I don’t believe that either should be true but both of those are true, if you blaze up a dubey you are breaking the law, you can be prosecuted as such.

          Again you want to drive a car, you do so, you want to drive on a commonly owned road you do so in the way the common owners dictate.

          Like if I owned land and I had a motorcycle course on it and I said, to come dive on my course I require that you have proficiency based on X, no matter what X is, I think you would agree I have the right as the owner to do it. If you don’t like it, don’t come to my place to ride your motorcycle right?

          Well our roads are publicly owned, meaning we all own them and the contract we have all agreed to is based on the majority of owners agreeing with the requirements to drive on said roads. Hell roads are the one place you can actually choose to not pay for! You can make and or buy fuel that is NOT TAXED if you are not going to dive on a road that is publicly funded.

          It isn’t a slippery slope to call driving on a public road a privilege, the slope was slipped on long ago, it is how we got here.

          But vote for Ted Cruz right, he’ll fix it, LMAO.

      • It is a slippery slope. In the years of the horse buggy it would have been inconceivable to think that traveling in one was a privilege, regardless if the government built the dirt road. The only reason cowboys were not forced to pay a registration fee on their horse was because no one at the time would have entertained the idea that traveling on roads was a privilege.

        You got me wrong politically. I don’t vote Republican, I vote for the lesser of two evils. This time around if Cruz and Perry make it to the primaries, I’d probably support Perry. He’s got good business acumen and, like your guest said, he is a wind sock. Plus, any man who kills a coyote with .380 ACP mouse gun deserves some respect.

        • Modern Survival

          When have you ever in your life voted for a democrat?

          And I can’t believe you fell for that BS coyote story!

      • I’m ashamed to admit it, but yes, I voted for Kerry in in 2004 simply because I was extremely pissed-off at GW for getting us into Iraq.

        • Modern Survival

          So once and your ashamed. Well if there ever was an election that really didn’t matter, that was it! If you look at Kerry as Sec of State, he is about as Bush like as a man could be. Don’t feel bad, I was just as bad and voted for GW in that one, it was my last one ever, Ill never compromise my integrity and sanction evil again!

  3. Ronnie in Iowa

    GREAT show. Will be passing this one on to a group in Davenport (Scott County) Iowa call The SuperLiberty Group. They stand outside the courthouse and pass out jury nullification information. Most people didn’t want to take it, so I brought some of my art prints of an Eagle and said “Would you like an eagle print? It’s free and please enjoy the information representing this as well”. So that helped in handing it all out. How many actually looked at it is beyond me but it got in their hands. A recent election for county supervisor gave us a good win with one of ‘ours’ being elected. Another thing we must consider is getting on the inside any way we can. Even Ron Paul had to put on the cloak of “Republican” to get elected. However, anyone who knows anything about Ron Paul knows he is a Libertarian.
    When being called for jury duty, we like to ask if we can pass out some jury nullification information to the others called in. We are generally excused from jury duty and escorted O U T. What does that tell ya?????

  4. Woodbutcher

    An awesome episode, this has been an absolutely fantastic week of output.

    It made me reflect on how prescient your constitution is, it actually contains the mechanisms to repair itself after its been inevitably corrupted.

    Its easy to think that that document could be the pinnacle of western civilisation……but I’m far to optimistic to say think that way.

    BTW – IF you think its annoying seeing stuff about our royal family, you should try paying for the skivers!

    In the spirit of reciprocity Obama is in Europe at the moment and all anyone wants to do is have a photo taken with him, be seen near him a swoon over just how cool he is. Lets see if Bergdahl is brought up by any european journalists…….

  5. Great stuff!

    I love the idea of the ‘probing attack + feint’ by introducing a full on repeal to get your ‘enemy’ to expose and exhaust himself, while chipping away at his strength with a second bill.

    I think there is an advantage held by the ‘righteous’ in that they actually BELIEVE in what they’re trying to accomplish, without being crippled by poor/irrational thinking or secondary agendas.

  6. Great Interview! I subscribe to 3 Podcasts, TSP, Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods. Its great to hear them all mentioned in one show!

  7. “it was my last one ever, Ill never compromise my integrity and sanction evil again!” – I’ve reached a point where I can’t vote for crime syndicate ‘r or ‘d anymore, both have killed too many people abroad and after casting a 3rd party vote, my conscience is clean.