Meet Steven Harris, David Crawford and Me at a TSP Only Event

There will be two events at the Self Reliance Expo for TSP Members only.

Please note the time differences on the two separate days. 

Special Update – I just got confirmation from Marjory Wildcraft that she will be at both meet and greets in addition to Steve and David.

  • On Friday the 26th, tomorrow, you can meet Steve Harris, David Crawford and me 30 minutes before the doors open for the expo.  That will be at about 10:30 but you may want to show up about 10:15 AM.  Just go to the front entry way and hook up with other TSP folks, about 10:30 Ron or Scott will show up and let you guys in early and escort you to the stage area.
  • On Saturday the 27th, pretty much the same deal but this time it will be Steven Harris and I only, David Crawford has some relief work to do in West, Texas in regard to the recent explosion that happened there.  I will be trying to find another special guest to take David’s spot.  The other difference is the time.  On Saturday the event opens at 9AM so Ron or Scott will be at the entrance for you guys at 830 AM.

I will not be speaking on Friday other then the panel discussion meet and greet.  I will be there to meet with you guys and hang out.  I will likely be at the event on Friday until about 4PM though we will break for lunch and go grab a beer likely at a place called, Humperdinks just a bit away from the event.  After we leave the event around 4-430 we will likely do the same but exactly where is yet to be determined.  If you want to hang with us either time just let me know and you are welcome to join us.

I will be speaking from 11 AM until 1 PM on Saturday.  The subject will be 6 major permaculture techniques, including forest gardening, making seed mixtures, contour based wood core gardening and more.  This will be a great presentation that will really open you up to what is possible with permaculture design and put visuals with many subjects I have covered on TSP.

Many have asked if I will be putting out a video.  I did a rough rehearsal of the presentation today and will be putting that in the MSB after the event.  It has been done with screen capture software and is likely a much better visual then a regular video would be in a live event.  We may video the event it will depend on a number of factors.  I don’t feel right putting out the video before the event due to my obligations to Ron and Scott in helping them promote the event.

I do hope to see many of you guys tomorrow and/or Saturday.  I really do my best to be as available as possible at these events.  PLEASE DON’T HESITATE to come talk to me, that is why I am there.  I have had people drive a long way and only talk to me a few moments because they “don’t want to bother me”.  Please do not do this, come hang out, meet me and other TSP members, you guys are the reason I do these events.

3 Responses to Meet Steven Harris, David Crawford and Me at a TSP Only Event

  1. Looking forward to it. We will see the presentation by Mr. Harris on Friday and then Jack’s on Saturday as well as Marjorie’s
    Last year for the meet and greet the organizer of expo was not expecting many people. He opened the door to let us in and he saw a much bigger crowd than expected. It was a great feeling and Jack was humbled.

    • Modern Survival

      Beyond humbled! I was kind of speechless and then was like crap this is my thing, now I have to talk. LOL

  2. I am gonna try and make it to meet the Pros.