Meet Me in Las Vegas and/or Join Me for 15 Minutes of Daily Insanity

TSP Meet Up in Vegas during SHOT Show

As I stated on the air today next week there will likely be about 3 vs. 5 episodes of The Survival Podcast as I will be in Las Vegas for the entire week for the 2012 SHOT Show.  I want to be sure all members of the audience are aware that we are having a meet up dinner on Thursday the 19th at Tommy Bahamas.

You are welcome to attend if you want to even if you are not going to SHOT.  I realize of you may live in or near Vegas and either not wish to or may not be qualified to attend SHOT.  So I want to be clear that this is a TSP event going on during SHOT Show not a “SHOT Show Event”.  All are welcome.

If you do wish to attend though we do need you to RSVP on the FaceBook event page SisWolf set up.

You can do that and get details, time, menu, etc here. 

Please understand we need a head count on this event so RSVP if you plan to attend.  We are capping the event at 60 people max.  PLEASE go read the event details on facebook before asking questions here because Sis kicked ass on the set up and almost anything you would want ot know is on the event announcement.

The Ramblings of an Insane Entreprenur

Have you ever wondered exactly how I built TSP into a full time business?  Exactly how to set up a blog, a website, a forum, etc?  How to attract sponsors, how to go from part time podcaster or blogger to building a real business that can sustain you and your family?  If so then my business podcast is for you!

Back when I started The Survival Podcast, I did it in my car on a 50 mile commute between Arlington and Frisco Texas.  Now I am doing the same thing during my much swifter 11 mile commute from my homestead to my office on the subject of business creation.  The Show is called Five Minutes with Jack, although it is usually about 15 minutes long.  I have now done 65 episodes on many subjects and have been having a lot of fun with it.

I set up the secondary podcast mainly because I get a dozen or more business/podcast/blogging related questions a week from the TSP audience and while building a business is indeed a self reliance type of subject, I don’t want to turn TSP into “The Business Hour”.

So if you have ever thought about building your own site or blog or podcast or if you already have one you want to take to the next level, cruise on over to…

Five Minutes with Jack

5 Responses to Meet Me in Las Vegas and/or Join Me for 15 Minutes of Daily Insanity

  1. Dustin Hollis

    I’ll be in the press room most mornings and late afternoons. See you at SHOT!

  2. Was supposed to make it to Shot Show next week. Unfortunately, full time job had other plans for me, and had to cancel… Enjoy next week.

  3. Derick Darwin

    I will be at shot the whole week as well. See you there!

  4. Derick Darwin

    If I wanted to bring a guest to the meet up on Thursday, should I have them RSVP as well?