Meet Me In Des Moines Iowa for the Midwest Self Reliance Festival

I will be at the event most of the day on June 28th and pretty much all day on June 29th.  There will be an early meet and greet for TSP Audience members on Saturday morning about an hour before the doors open.  More details on that will follow.

I will be presenting 6 Core Permaculture Techniques on Saturday from 1PM – 3PM on Saturday.  This is a really great presentation and having done it in Arlington I have improved it significantly.   Scott Valencia who is running the event has also informed me the presentation area will be curtained off so I will be a lot easier to hear and the images in the presentation will be much easier to see then in past events.  I would like to personally thank him for that, it means a lot to me that attendees can see and hear the work I put so much effort into.

There will also be an after hours mixer for members of the Des Moines Prepper Group and select members of my audience that I will personally invite at the event.  Showing up in TSP Gear is a great way to up your odds of getting an invitation.  I can’t take everyone for this but will let as many as I can attend.  I am going to discuss head count with Scott and perhaps print up some official invitations or something like that.

There are some other cool things about this event yet to come.  Stay tuned.  Again the time of my presentation will be 1-3PM on Saturday.  I need to discuss with Scott if he has any plans or commitments for me on Friday night, if not I will set up a come come all type of meet up at a local watering hole of some sort.

You can learn more about the event on their faceebook events page here

Tickets for any one day or the entire event can be found here.

Again Stay Tuned More Cool Stuff to Follow!

12 Responses to Meet Me In Des Moines Iowa for the Midwest Self Reliance Festival

  1. RationalHusker

    Hope to see you and fellow TSPers at this event, Jack. I posted a link to this in the long-running “Iowa” thread on the forum.

  2. It’s a 4.5 hour drive for me from Chicagoland, but for the privilege of meeting Jack… I may just take the day off work and drive out.

    • Hi Karim, a buddy and I are thinking of going and we live in the d.g. area. This is my first comment,post ,reply. Maybe we can talk?

    • I was hoping to go out too from Elmhurst. Unfortunately I’ll be in Dallas that weekend. 🙁

      I’d love to meet up with you guys at a bar or burger joint someday though.

  3. lisapaintergirl

    Wish I knew about this sooner! I could actually make it to Iowa 🙁

  4. Bonnieblue2A

    Looking forward to this!

  5. Dang, within and hour and a half and I can’t make it down.

  6. Woohoo!

  7. Two of us from the Chicago area are heading there and I’m not sure how to direct message karim, justin or anyone else so email me if you like at

  8. Trucker Nate

    I will be there Saturday for sure. hopefully I get back from my chicago run early enough to do the meet and greet. Can’t wait to meet you all!

  9. Heck, I grew up in Waukee, six miles west of DM. Sorry but I can’t get there in time, Tampa being a bit far. Enjoy the Iowan hospitality and I will try and see if your schedule brings you down to this steaming land of lightning and swamps! LOL

  10. Looking forward to meeting you Jack!