Episode-1765- Peter McCoy on Mushrooms and Fungi

The Definitive Guide to Fungi

The Definitive Guide to Fungi

Peter McCoy is an original founder of Radical Mycology, a grassroots organization and open-source movement that teaches the skills needed to work with mushrooms and other fungi for personal, societal, and ecological resilience.

Peter is the lead cultivation expert for the Amazon Mycorenewal Project and Open Source Ecology and the author of the new book, Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing and Working With Fungi.

Hey joins us today to answer to discuss what he calls “The Missing Fungal Functions” – how fungi can and should be integrated into all aspects of life.

He also answers questions like, what is the ecological significance of the fungal kingdom?  What are some ways the people commonly disrupt the fungal communities in their soil and plants?  What is going in in the world of cultivating mycorrhizal fungi?  What are endophytic fungi that live inside of plants and can we cultivate those?

And above all for those of us that just want to grow mushrooms, what would be the easiest way to start a mushroom farm?

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12 Responses to Episode-1765- Peter McCoy on Mushrooms and Fungi

  1. Link for Tuesdays Shows Poll missing in show notes.

  2. Honest question – am I missing something? Episode 1765 today and 1776 will fall on July 4th?

    1776 (11 episodes from today) should land on 28-Apr if you don’t skip any days. 04-Jul would be 1822 (assuming a day off for Memorial Day) if I counted right.

  3. Is there a link to that PDF book/pamphlet from Cornell university on cultivating mushrooms that Peter discussed on the show?

  4. Pavel Mikoloski

    Thanks for getting Peter McCoy on the podcast. What a wealth of information he has to impart. I am signing up for his webinar tomorrow.

  5. “I like to grow stuff.. and eat it” -Jack

    This is a great quote! I might use it.

  6. Gerri Balius

    Really enjoyed this topic. I thought I heard Jack mention in the Intro that you, Peter, had made a beehive out of fungi which eliminates mite problems? I’ve done some searches and I cannot find a resource on this linked to your work Peter. Is there a resource to learn more about it which you can give me please? I’m interested, plus I have a Beekeeper friend in Georgia who’d like to know too. Thanks!

  7. Anyone know if the cultivation webinar was recorded and where I could download it?