Episode-1053- Ian McCollum of ForgottenWeapons.com

The Most Lethal Tricycle of All Time, a Great Example of a Forgotten Weapon.

Ian McCollum grew up around his father’s extensive collection of WWII Japanese rifles, and early on developed an appreciation for historically interesting old guns.

His gun collecting began in earnest after leaving college, and expanded into an interest in building guns and studying rare and unusual designs in museums and private collections worldwide.

Today he shares his passion for old military guns specifically many of them that have been lost to the annals of history on his blog called, ForgottenWeapons.com Ian blogs 6 times a week reviewing guns, historical reference books and posts some incredible old photography as well.

He joins us today to discuss surplus firearms and NFA weapons.  We also discuss a bit about current proposed gun legislation and the damage it could do to both historical weapons and the modern gun industry.

Join Ian and I Today as we Discuss…

  • The process for legally buying a machine gun
  • “Cleaning a gun after using corrosive surplus ammo
  • Do NFA weapons have a practical use for the modern survivalist
  • When are surplus military guns preferable to new-production civilian guns
  • Should I get an AR or AK? (answer: it doesn’t matter)
  • Some of the great current values in military surplus rifles right now
  • The good and bad of getting a C&R license
  • Why you should never look at cheap surplus weapons and think they will stay that way
  • Why preserving firearms history is so important
  • Why many guns considered to be of “poor quality” are actually of great quality

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4 Responses to Episode-1053- Ian McCollum of ForgottenWeapons.com

  1. Your readers may not have heard of WikiWeapon, a gun designed and built following an open source methodology.

  2. Can’t wait to listen, just found him on YouTube a while back and it has become one of my favorites.

  3. thewarriorhunter

    this was one of the most enjoyable shows i’ve listened to in a while. thanks for the great info… i may have to look into the C&R FFL… one transfer and it has paid for itself.

  4. Matthew N Gooseneck

    Where do i find mil surp guns?